Resources for new UNT students

Learning to operate in a new and unfamiliar environment is challenging, especially if you don't know who to ask or where to go for help. Here are campus resources that should help you make a smooth transition to your new life as a UNT student.


Need to register for classes?

 You've been accepted to UNT and your first order of business is to register as a new student. All registration is conducted online at You will need your EUID and password to register. If you need help, contact the Registrar's Office.

Tools you'll need to register:

Got to pay for classes?

Once you've registered and selected your classes, you'll need to pay your tuition bill.

What are the academic dates and deadlines that I need?

The Academic Calendar can help you plan for mid terms, final exams, class registration, holidays and commencement.

Want to take your education farther?

  • Want to leave the state?
    UNT is a member of the National Student Exchange, a consortium of more than 190 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada that provides opportunities for students to study at participating member institutions while remaining enrolled at their home university.
  • Or the country?
    The Study Abroad Center, located in Kendall Hall Room 115, will help you go away and experience the world. The center staff, many of whom have studied abroad, will help you choose a country, tell you what to expect, be here for you while you're gone, and welcome you back.

Need some academic help?

  • Office of Disability Accommodation
    College life poses different challenges for students with disabilities. If you have been diagnosed with a learning difference such as dyslexia, or if you need physical accommodation, the Office of Disability Accommodation will make sure you receive the support you need to succeed at UNT. The office is located on Level 3, Suite 321 of the University Union. If you would like to register with the ODA office, or determine whether you are qualified to register, give them a call at (940) 565-4323 or visit the ODA web site.
  • The Learning Center
    If you want to do everything you can to succeed in your studies or if you feel challenged about succeeding at UNT, turn to the Learning Center for help, located on Level 3, Suite 323 of the University Union. The center staff will you find answers to the questions you have about reaching your academic goals. The Learning Center offers academic assistance by:
    • Helping you understand your learning style
    • Connecting you with free tutors
    • Offering workshops on topics ranging from time management or note taking to  test taking strategies, test anxiety, and speed reading
    • Offering learning assistance books, videos, and computer instruction
    • Offering exam preparation
    • Connecting you with other campus resources
  • Student Writing Lab
    If you need help making sure that you write correctly, contact the Student Writing Lab which provides an online service as well as maintaining office hours in the Auditorium Building, Room 105. Questions can be submitted online and are usually answered within 24 hours.

Need to buy some books?

Now that you have officially signed up for class, you'll need to buy your textbooks.

A convenient place to get them is the UNT Bookstore, inside the University Union or buy your books from the UNT Bookstore online.


Need to do some research?

As a college student, you'll be spending a lot of time reading, studying and conducting research. Some of the best places to do all of these activities are in the UNT Libraries.

Library locations:


Need to create and read your Eaglemail?

 In order to get official UNT e-mail messages regarding everything from bad weather notices to academic calendar updates, you'll need to log into your Eaglemail account.




Need to use a computer?

If you're on campus without your laptop and need to work on a paper, access the internet or check your Eaglemail account, you can visit any of UNT's computer labs.

Having computer trouble?

Here's a nightmare… you've spend all night cramming to finish a 10-page paper for your American History class and you've got 45 minutes until the paper is due at the start of class. You start printing the paper and nothing happens. You could panic, or get help from the Computing and Information Technology Center Helpdesk.

Having computer trouble in your dorm?

Here's another nightmare… you've spent the whole weekend in your dorm room writing a 10-page paper for your English Lit class and you've got 45 minutes until the paper is due at the start of class. You just hit the save button but your document has vanished. You could panic, or look for help from UNT's Residential Network.



Mean Greens cafeteriaAfter several hours of classroom work, studying or meetings, your brain will need refueling. There are several options on campus to meet all of your dining needs, with everything from a light snack to multi-course meals.

UNT's Dining Services help ensure students have healthy, tasty and convenient food almost any hour of the day, by providing six dining halls with various hours and different menus.

Dining hall locations:

This fall late-night coffee bars will open in Bruce Hall (called Insomniacs, open from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m., Tuesday-Friday) and in Kerr Hall (called House of Java, open from 9 p.m. to midnight, Monday-Thursday).

University Union options

If you're hungry for a fast meal or snack there are several food options in the University Union right in the center of campus.

Campus Chat, located on Level 1 of the University Union includes five fast-food style vendors:

Three more food and beverage options are located together on Level 2 of the University Union at The Corner Store:

  • Sub Connection – made-to-order sandwiches on bread baked on site
  • Freshens – smoothies with nutritional boosters and gourmet ice cream
  • Jazzman's Café – UNT's specialty coffee house

Einstein Bros. Bagels is slated to open later this fall in the Syndicate, located on Level 1 of the University Union.

Finally, Avesta, also located on Level 2 of the University Union provides a casual dining experience and menu.

Other campus eateries

If you have class in the vicinity of Wooten Hall and you find yourself in need of nutrition, you can purchase hot beverages, drinks, baked desserts and light lunch items at Cafe á là Cart.

If you spend time at Discovery Park you'll want to know about Park Place Market where you can buy sandwiches, salads and bakery items, drinks and gourmet coffees. Or stop by the Jazz Cart, where you can get a cup of Jazzman's Café coffee and a snack.

And if you need a little caffeine to perk up your Willis Library study session, visit Cyber Cafe for coffee, tea, soft drinks and bakery items.



Nothing is more discouraging than being in a new place and literally being unable to find your way. Print a campus map before you head out and you'll always know whether you're heading in the right direction, at least geographically speaking. See more campus map options.



Sooner or later, every college students needs more of one thing: money. UNT has resources that will help you earn more money and learn to use the money you have more wisely.

  • The Money Management Center is an outreach program that provides tools and solutions students need to achieve financial freedom. The Money Management Center is located in Chestnut Hall, Suite 313.
  • The Career Center helps students and alumni find employment during and after their collegiate lives. The center staff assists you with various aspects of your job search, from writing a resume and cover letter to interviewing, as well as providing many other job search tools. The Career Center is in Chestnut Hall, Suite 103.
  • Figuring out how to pay for tuition, fees, housing and books is a challenge that is part of the college experience for most students. Find out how to help your educational dollars' ends meet through scholarships, grants and loans in the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships located on the second floor of the Eagle Student Services Center.

Need cash?

If you're going out and need cash, there are ATM machines located on Level 1 of the University Union and a Wells Fargo branch located on Level 3 of the University Union.



 There is never a dull moment on campus, if you know where to look. Whether you want to hang out with your friends, are looking for an evening of entertainment for an upcoming date or want to help cheer the Mean Green on to victory, you can always find something to do.

Your first stop to learn what is happening on campus is the official UNT Event Calendar.

UNT's College of Music produces about 1,000 performances during an average academic year, and many of them are free. To see what's coming up, check out the College of Music events calendar.

The College of Visual Art and Design galleries provide places for the public and the work of contemporary artists to come together, enhancing culture in the North Texas region. Four galleries are part of the College of Visual Art and Design:

For 30 years the University Union Gallery has served as a showcase for student art. Located on Level 3 of the University Union the gallery exhibits work produced by faculty, alumni, and guest artists, both local and of international acclaim in addition to the exhibitions of student works.

Wondering what's going on?

  • KNTU 88.1FM is UNT's campus radio station. Listen live online. The station's main format is jazz, but KNTU also broadcasts UNT football and basketball games.
  • North Texas Television is a non-profit, student run, cable access channel on channel 42 on Verizon and channel 22 on Charter Communications.
  • NT Daily is UNT's student newspaper.

Wondering what's happening on campus?

    If it's happening on campus, you can learn more about it on the Event Calendar. Use the calendar to learn about everything from upcoming lectures and panel discussions to exhibitions and performances.

Looking for some peace and quiet?

Opened in 2001, Goolsby Chapel provides the UNT community with a quiet place for self-reflection, meditation and individual worship for people of all faiths. The chapel, located on Maple Street is also available by appointment for small wedding ceremonies and other special events.



Was it last night's all-nighter that has you feeling lousy or is it the flu? Get checked out before you start feeling worse at the Student Health and Wellness Center or if you're feeling good and working to stay healthy, the center is committed to helping you reach that goal. Medical visits are by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, call (940) 565-2333. A student ID card is required at check-in. Students with insurance should bring their insurance card as well. The Student Health and Wellness Center is located on the second floor of Chestnut Hall.

The Substance Abuse Resource Center helps students with existing issues regarding drug and alcohol use, and also works to create a safer campus atmosphere. The center is on the third floor of Chestnut Hall, Suite 301. Call (940) 565-2787 to schedule an appointment. No referral is required.

Need emergency help?

In an emergency situation, your first call should be 911. A dispatcher will send emergency personnel, and if the incident is happening on the UNT campus, that probably will include officers from the UNT Police Department. The department is located in the Sullivant Public Safety Center. The department can also assist you in cases of property theft or destruction and other crime investigation, if the incident took place on the UNT campus.

For incidents that happen in Denton beyond the UNT campus boundaries, contact the Denton Police Department.

For incidents that happen beyond the Denton city limits but within Denton County, contact the Denton County Sheriff's Department.

What if the university closes for bad weather?

Eagle Alert is UNT's mechanism to quickly notify you with critical information in an emergency, such as when UNT closes due to bad weather. If there is an emergency, you will recive an automated call to the preferred phone number you provide. You can even indicate whether you would like to receive emergency information in the form of text messages. If your phone number changes, you'll need to document the change for the Eagle Alert database.

In addition to sending Eagle Alert messages, the university will notify the campus telephone operators, post a message to the university web site and begin informing news media about closures.

Need legal help?

If you are facing a legal problem Student Legal Services may be able to help you with many types of cases. Staff members may write letters, draft legal documents, represent students, arrange for mediation or otherwise attempt to resolve legal problems. While general legal advice may be available, Student Legal Services does not represent students in criminal matters (including traffic tickets). Student Legal Services is located in Room 322AA of the University Union.

Want to cheer for the Mean Green?

 Find out when the Mean Green take the field, the court or the arena for any upcoming UNT sporting event on the Athletics web site where you can also view seating charts of Fouts Field and the Coliseum, buy tickets for non-student guests and read up on all your favorite Mean Green sports' statistics. The Mean Green Radio Network broadcasts North Texas football and basketball games on three 100,000 watt stations:


Want to get your game on?

When you're in the mood to shoot a little pool, throw darts, play table tennis or just kick back and watch the game, The Syndicate on Level 1 of the University Union provides all of the above for a small fee.

Or maybe you participated in a specific sport in high school and want to keep playing now that you're in college. UNT has a wide range of Club Sports that you can join and keep up your skills.

Want to get in shape?

Whether you're worried about keeping off the famed freshman 15 pounds or want to get in better shape to keep yourself feeling healthy and happy, UNT provides you with several options to get you up and moving.

The Recreational Sports Department provides programs, services, and facilities to support your recreational and fitness needs. The crown jewel of the Recreational Sports Department is the Pohl Recreation Center, located on Chestnut Street. Currently enrolled UNT students who have paid the Rec Fee are automatic members of the Pohl Recreation Center. A current UNT ID card is required for entrance to the Rec Center.

Other Recreational Sports Department facilities include:

Wondering where to park?

Visit the Parking Services site to see parking maps, read parking regulations, see permit prices and read frequently asked parking related questions.

Wondering when the bus is coming?

Visit the UNT Shuttle web site to see shuttle schedules, routes and maps.

Need a ride late at night?

UNT's e-ride service is provided seven days a week to all current students who need a ride to and from any place on the UNT campus between 9 p.m. and 2 a.m.

Want to share a ride?

Ridesharing is a great way to avoid spending money on gas. Organize shared rides through UNT's Rideshare Service. This online service allows you to coordinate new carpools or join existing pools with similar destinations.


Want to join a group?

 UNT is an environment rich with diversity, bringing together different people with a vast array of ideas, philosophies, cultures and histories. So no matter what your walk of life is, there is probably a group that will welcome you and all the uniqueness you bring with you.

Interested in learning about others?

The Multicultural Center's goal is to be a place where students and community members can experience UNT's cultural wealth by teaching culture through student involvement.  Located on Level 2 of the University Unionthe center's programs and activities are developed to increase awareness, understanding, and consciousness regarding the cultures and histories of people of African, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, and Native American descents.

Want to get involved?

If volunteering and community service have always been an important part of your life, or if you'd like to add this element to your personal goals, the Volunteer Center located in the University Union, Room 430, is a good place to coordinate your efforts. The center provides opportunities to get involved in service that helps meet the needs of the local community. The center also creates partnerships with community agencies, government organizations and campus departments that need volunteers.

The Student Government Association is a student organization dedicated to serving the interests of the student body. UNT recognizes the SGA as the official voice of the students. The SGA offices are located in Suite 320-S on Level 3 of the University Union.

The Talons spirit organization works to instill a deeper feeling of school spirit into the UNT campus.


Lost something? Need to buy tickets or cash a check?

Let's say you need to check your e-mail, pick up a schedule of classes, buy a scantron for the test in your next class, purchase tickets for the Fort Worth Zoo, cash a check and look for your lost sunglasses. Well, you're in luck! You can do all of these things in one place – the University Union Information Center, located on Level 3 of the University Union.

Need to make copies?

You've just finished a Power Point presentation for your economics class and you need to make copies of the presentation for each of your class mates. Now what? Eagle Images has two locations that provide full digital printing and bindery services for a great value. One location is on Level 2 of the University Unionand the second is in the University Services Building, Room 124/125.

Or send a fax?

Design Works, located on Level 2 of the University Union sends and receives public faxes.

Prices vary, depending on whether the fax is sent locally, toll free, long distance, out of the country, or if it is an incoming fax.

Need to send a letter back home?

UNT's Pitney Bowes mail services location is on Level 2 of the University Union.