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Budget update

February 6, 2003

A message from the President

Today the University of North Texas System submitted to the Governor and Texas Legislature the university's plan to reduce by 7 percent general revenue received from the state for the current fiscal year.

The state has given UNT, and other institutions of higher education, some latitude in determining the most practical and least damaging ways of implementing a reduction of our previously budgeted state revenues. Still, identifying $6,590,104 in cutbacks — our university's share of revenue that must to be returned to the state — wasn't easy.

In paring down our budgets, we've attempted to minimize, wherever possible, the impact on our students and our current employees. To meet our obligations, here's where we plan to tighten our belts:

  • Virtually every education and general unit on campus will cut its FY 2002-03 operating budgets by 1.14 percent.

  • The hiring freeze set in place January 28 will remain in effect for faculty and staff. Only critical positions will be filled, and then only when funds are identified to cover the costs.

  • We will achieve some additional efficiencies in our utility expenditures by resetting our thermostats — our buildings will be a bit cooler this winter and warmer this summer.

  • Funding will be reduced for student recruitment marketing and advertising.

  • We will forfeit certain tuition revenues achieved through our recent enrollment growth.

  • We will forgo some land procurement. We also will forgo some construction projects, excepting those that are self-funding or don't require state funds.

  • Some equipment purchases will have to be delayed.

  • And, we will reduce the number of low-enrollment summer session classes, while increasing our maximum summer class size.

This plan still has to be reviewed and accepted by the Governor's office. Nevertheless, we need to immediately implement it. It's important to keep in mind that these cutbacks address only the remaining seven months of this fiscal year. Our plan does not address future projected state revenue shortfalls of $9.9 billion, which will be addressed by the legislature as it crafts the budget for the next biennium. I can't predict the outcomes for higher education, but I imagine that our university, and the state's other institutions of higher education, will face financial challenges in the foreseeable future. We will likely continue our belt tightening, but I do not anticipate as being necessary a reduction in currently employed faculty and staff.

In spite of our challenges, we must all work together to continue to provide our students a high quality education and the best possible services. I will continue to provide you updates on the steps we will take to advance our university.


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