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Down the Corridor

    Down the Corridor  

100 years ago

Advertisers in campus publications included a West Oak shoe, harness and buggy repairman and a North Locust liveryman: "When you wish to drive, you should phone Jim Goode, the Liveryman." … Students returning for the fall semester were met by a member of the faculty and rode in electric streetcars that ran from the railway station to campus. Fees due the first day of the session included a $5 book fee for the entire session, a $3 incidental fee for the first term of nine weeks and, for students holding scholarship appointments, a board fee of $18.75 for the first term of nine weeks.


75 years ago

President Emeritus W.H. Bruce celebrated his 50th year in the Texas public school system, still teaching courses a decade after retiring from North Texas, and was honored for his service with an appearance in Who's Who in America. … The "First Big All-College Dance" was held in Harriss Gymnasium from 9 p.m. to midnight for a cost of 50 cents each; advertisements reported "Music by the old maestro Floyd Graham and His Boys." … October movies advertised in the Campus Chat included Tarzan the Fearless at the Palace Theater, starring Buster Crabbe, and Phantom of Crestwood at the Ritz . … Iroquois Chief Clear Sky came to campus to speak to students about his movie appearances and "to correct any wrong ideas that the modern Americans have" regarding Native Americans.


50 years ago

The Dipsy Doodlers, who got their start on 'Fessor Graham's Saturday night stage shows, appeared in Las Vegas at the Golden Nugget Casino as the Chuck-a-Lucks. … The campus herbarium acquired a carnivorous pitcher plant found in a peat bog near Athens. … Ads in the Campus Chat announced that "France's most luxurious export Brigitte Bardot" was starring in Mademoiselle Striptease at the Campus Theater; tickets were 65 cents for students. Also, for the week of Halloween, The Fly played at the Co-Ed Drive-in Theater. Advertisements warned: "No one admitted alone without signing a waiver in our library!" and "$100 to the first person who can prove it can't happen." … Groundbreaking ceremonies were held for the new Nike missile base four miles north of Denton; the missile, Nike Hercules, stood ready to protect the area from an invasion. … The new campus hospital on Avenue C and Chestnut opened just in time for the Thanksgiving holidays.


25 years ago

The General Academic Building opened its new computer facilities room consisting of 24 Texas Instruments 990 terminals, six TI PCs, 16 IBMs and other computers. … The live-action game "Assassin" was played in Kerr Hall. The game, limited to 150 people, cost $1 to play, and the winners received movie passes. … Topics on campus included the Grenada invasion and the 20th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination. … Officials broke ground on the North Texas golf course and the hotel on I-35. … The 500th anniversary of Martin Luther's birth was featured in a program on campus. … Steve Smith, drummer for Journey, and Lewis Soloff, trumpeter for Blood, Sweat and Tears, made appearances on campus. … Economics professor Richard Armey announced his candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives' 26th Congressional seat.


10 years ago

UNT was one of four universities that split $6 million in computer technology from Texas Instruments' selling its defense industry and redesigning its research department. … Chancellor Alfred F. Hurley unveiled the new official UNT Signature Class ring that resurrected and revised the 1960s design of eagle, clock tower, school seal, Texas Star and the year 1890. … The Eagles defeated Nevada 27-21 on Homecoming, even as players and fans braved a storm and heavy rain throughout most of the game. … The top-grossing film Armageddon was shown for three nights at the Lyceum; the student price was $1.75 per ticket. … Dust particles from the Temple-Tuttle comet caused a meteor shower that lit the skies over Denton. … UNT's jazz program was named the best by both Downbeat magazine and U.S. News and World Report. … After 25 years, the Coliseum received a facelift.

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