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eagle tale


Note to students: Go to class, study, beware of credit cards


For students living away from home for the first time this fall, learning the ropes of college life can be filled with trial and error. But these words of advice, posted by alumni on the UNT home page at the start of the semester, may help new students avoid a few pitfalls. Read here what lessons alumni learned from their college experiences.

New students sign the official roster for the Class 0f 2012 at New Student Convocation Aug. 24

Read the assigned material in your textbook before you go to class. As a result, you will be able to ask informed questions and connect the loose ends.
- Steven Miller

Represent yourself well while at UNT. Your fellow "Eagle" now may well be a co-worker or a boss one day. Conduct yourself accordingly.
- Daryeljr

If you meet the love of your life either at UNT or outside of school and you're close to graduating, finish your degree before you get married. … I was three semesters away from graduating when I dropped out in 2000. I finally went back and graduated in 2004! However, young married life and children would have been a lot easier had I simply graduated first.
- Joe316

Party wisely. … If you know you have to take an exam the next day, save the partying for the next weekend. … Develop a good relationship with your professors. … Start making connections now. Even if you are just a first semester freshman, start attending professional meetings, contacting professionals in your field and building up your network. The more you build it up, the more likely you are to get a job straight out of college, and the more likely you are to get an internship while you are in college.
- Joyful2008

The best advice I could give a new student is do not get hooked by the credit card companies when they send preapproved card offers to you. Use your credit wisely.
- GlennK

The best advice I could give to new UNT students is study, study, study. Read what is assigned and study for your exams. That's all there is to it. If you work well with others, start or find a study group. … Take breaks. You need to take a break from studying so that you do not get overloaded. Relax. The University Union offers snacks around midterms and finals weeks. Get involved in groups and student organizations. This will help with networking as well. Attend the career fairs and use the Career Center. Use the Student Health and Wellness Center. … Enjoy your time at UNT. College is a place for learning and growing, and your experience at UNT will help you achieve just that.
- UNTGrad2008

I've been back at UNT for a year now, and I'm really enjoying it, but I wish I'd never dropped out 20 years ago. .The biggest mistake I made was dropping out for an airline job when I had 100 hours of credit. The lesson I learned was don't go for the easy money and let go of the degree, because we all know what has happened to the airlines. At the very least, make sure you get that degree, then go play.
- 1982geezer



Editor's note:

Read more stories and advice for new students from UNT alumni at our Share your advice page.










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