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Living knows no season. Composer of Fight North Texas crafts a life full of son. - By Jill King
Summer 2008      


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'Living Knows No Season'

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Songs by Francis Stroup

Dreaming (1931)

I have often told you I'm in love with you,
Now I'd like to hear you say you love me too.
Dreaming, dreaming, that is all I do,
And it seems my fondest dreams are the dreams I dream of you.
Visions seem to haunt me, fancies mar my view.
You've made me a dreamer, now make my dreams come true.


Trojan Sweetheart Song (1939)
Written for the Trojan fraternity on campus

Never thought we'd live this moment,
never thought our hearts would blend,
Never thought that you could love me too.

Promise it will never end.
My heart stands still as I catch the thrill
of the loveliness of you.
Your eyes reveal my dream is real,
for you are dreaming too.
In my dream parade, other dreams may fade
but one will linger long —
Our first romance, the night we danced
to the Trojan Sweetheart Song.


You Always Let the Cat Die (1952)
A number in the musical comedy Bet Your Heart, presented in DeKalb in 1992 ("letting the cat die" means letting the swing stop

If we were kids a-swingin' in the swing in your back yard,
We never could agree how high to swing.
I'd try to reach the sky; but you'd say "Let it die."
I'd love to be your ivy; but you won't let me cling.

We never can agree and now I've figured out the thing.
You always let the cat die just when I want to swing.
You say I ought to settle down and not be on the wing;
You want to let the cat die; but I still want to swing.

You're low when I'm high; you're cold when I'm hot.
It seems to me you always seem to be the thing I'm not.
You say I'm never satisfied but Baby here's the sting;
You always let the cat die just when I want to swing.

Our differences are so few but oh, what woe they bring.
You always let the cat die just when I want to swing.
Why can't you be like other men, relax and have a fling?
Instead you let the cat die just when I want to swing.

You're low when I'm high; you're cold when I'm hot.
It seems to me you always seem to be the thing I'm not.
You'd think my bold approach would give your spine a tiny ting
But no, you let the cat die just when I want to swing.


I'll Never Grow Too Old to Dream (1956)

What a lovely place to dream of the dreams I've shared with you
And all they've meant, those hours we've spent in making dreams come true.
What a lovely spot to rest and recall the days gone by.
I remember well the day you fell in love; for so did I.
So much fun in dreaming, sharing joys and tears.
Seems our dreams grow ever sweeter through the years.
What a lovely time to dream of the hours yet to be.
I'll never grow too old to dream with you to dream with me.


That Old Feelin's What Keeps Me From Feelin' Old (1976)

I'm full of good intentions; my motives are the best.
With high resolve, I face the world prepared for any test.
But then I meet some feller and his eyes look into mine.
And a chill starts runnin' up and down my spine.

I get that old feelin' it makes me want to shout
I get that old feelin' that's what the world's about
And with that old feelin', I get confident and bold.
That old feelin's what keeps me from feelin' old.

When I was young, the other girls would find some certain guy
And set their cap for only him, and pall the others by,
But I knew I could handle two; and they were simply grand:
The football team and marching band.


Now some of my detractors speak of me as that old hen.
And I'll admit that silver hairs appear where gold have been.
But I continue young at heart; I'm out to have some fun.
Hens still cackle when their laying days are done.


It's true I had three husbands; or maybe it was four.
I'm still behind some others, like Liz Taylor and Gabor.
I'll never break their record; on that you can rely.
But still, you know, it's kinda fun to try.


Some folks may say I'm fickle; and some may say I'm not.
But girls that play at hard to get most likely don't get got.
I know I'm sometimes criticized for being like I am.
But as Rhett told Scarlett, "I don't give a damn."



Autumn Days (1981)

The sun moves north; the sun moves south. The seasons come and go.
But life unfolds in shorter spells as our fortunes ebb and flow.
When autumn days remind us that the summertime is gone
And the shadows show the sun is on the wane,
It seems so easy to forget that life continues on
As we revel in our strolls down mem'ry lane.
But then I stop to reason that living knows no season
And realize our numbered days are few.
That's why I don't recall if summer skies were gray or blue
But live each lovely autumn day with you.


Flirtin' and Hurtin' (1982)

There's a certain kind a hurtin' comes from flirtin'.
It's a hurtin' inadvertently bizarre.
While it may not disconcert a proven extrovert,
For men whose skin is thin, it leaves a scar.
So when people start to flirtin', hurtin's certain
Though it may not be to flirter or flirtee.
But as sure as people flirt, there's one hurt they can't avert,
It's the hurt I feel if no one flirts with me.


Magnolias in the Moonlight (1992)

I don't know why it happens; but somehow now and then,
In reverie I think what might have been.
Magnolias in the moonlight; faint fragrance fills the air.
Trees swaying in the breezes; one perfect ev'ning to share.
Two lovers on a June night; both reaching for the moon;
Both eager for the dancing; but each bent on calling the tune.
One said a night so enchanting should end in a moment of bliss.
One said 'twill soon be tomorrow; we'd best say goodnight with a kiss.
We parted in the moonlight; both vowed to still be friends.
Two people on a June night; and that's where the story ends.
But then when long forgotten fancies pass in review;
I see moonlight, magnolias and you.


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