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Blast from the past

Boomer photos

Down the Corridor


Boomer photos

Rick and Alex stand ready behind Boomer, a muzzle loading cannon with wooden frame and spoked wheels.

As a student in 1988, Rick McKinney (left) cut off the cannon's barrel and mounted it onto a new carriage he and Alex Balic built. (Photo courtesy of Rick McKinney)


Boomer fires from behine the inzone. Fire and smoke spew out of the cannon.

Boomer's first test shot with the new carriage was captured in 1988. (Photo courtesy of Rick McKinney)


Boomer attached to be towed behind a small, two wheels munitions wagon.

In 2006, Boomer — refurbished and accompanied by its new limber — became the showpiece McKinney had envisioned. (Photo courtesy of Rick McKinney)


Boomer behing fired at a game by two female students

Members of the Talons Cannon Crew, who fire the cannon after every Mean Green score, were kept busy in the game against Navy in 2007 — UNT scored 62 points in the loss. (Photo by Michael Clements



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