Early Admission

What is early admission?

The University of North Texas’ early admission program allows academically talented students to get an early start on their college education while also completing the requirements for high school graduation.

During your senior year, you can enroll in one or two of our freshman-level classes during the fall and spring semesters. Typically, you will remain enrolled in your high school, live at home and commute to UNT for classes.

You will receive all the privileges of an undergraduate student, including access to:

  • our libraries
  • numerous music and cultural events
  • free admission to most athletic events
  • the student recreation center

We offer a traditional, intellectually rigorous college experience. Our commitment to academic excellence has been recognized nationally.

  • We equal Carnegie Mellon University and Princeton University in the number of students named Goldwater Scholars in math, science and engineering. The Goldwater Scholars is one of the nation’s top scholarships for those students planning to pursue careers in math, science and engineering.
  • The Princeton Review named us a “Best in the West” college.

We encourage you to work closely with your high school guidance counselor if you want to participate in this program.

Applying for early admission

  • Complete the online Apply Texas Application at www.applytexas.org by March 1 for admission the following fall semester or by Dec. 1 for the spring semester
  • Submit a non-refundable $60 application fee to our admissions office

If you want to enroll in a summer school session after completing your junior year, you should have your application on file by May 1 for classes beginning in May or June; and by July 1 for classes beginning in July.

What to submit

In addition to the Apply Texas application and the application fee, you should include:

  • Your official high school transcript showing all the academic work you have completed or will complete by the end of your junior year. The transcript should indicate you have completed or will complete 3 units of English and 2 units each of mathematics, social science and natural science.
  • An official SAT score of 1180 (combined critical reading and math scores) or higher. The required ACT test score is 26 or higher. These scores are slightly higher than those of the average entering freshman at UNT. We strongly recommend you complete the writing portion of these exams. Although not required, the writing scores are being collected to develop future admissions policies.
  • Your approximate class rank by the end of your junior year. You must be in the top quarter of your high school class and have a strong B average or higher.
  • A letter from your high school counselor or principal indicating that he or she is aware of your intention to enroll at UNT and recommends enrollment.
  • A letter from your parent or guardian indicating that he or she is aware of your intention to enroll at UNT and approves.

After your application and all the items listed above are on file with the undergraduate admissions office, you should call 800-868-8211 to arrange an interview with an admissions officer. The undergraduate admissions office is on the third floor of the Eagle Student Services Center (ESSC). Applicants are reviewed on an individual basis for possible admittance into the Early Admission program.