Executive Cabinet

Division Name/Title Phone E-mail

Organizational Chart
Dr. Neal J. Smatresk
940-565-2026 president@unt.edu
Provost and Academic Affairs

Organizational Chart
Dr. Warren Burggren
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
940-565-3952 Warren.Burggren@unt.edu
Research and Economic Development

Organizational Chart
Dr. Thomas McCoy
Vice President for Research and Economic Development
940-369-7487 Tom.McCoy@unt.edu
Student Affairs

Organizational Chart
Dr. Elizabeth With
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
940-565-4909 Elizabeth.With@unt.edu

Organizational Chart
Dr. Michael Monticino
Vice President for Advancement and Director of Development of the UNT Foundation
940-565-2010 Michael.Monticino@unt.edu
Community Engagement

Organizational Chart
Dr. Jean Keller
Vice President for Community Engagement
940-565-2026 Jean.Keller@unt.edu
Institutional Equity and Diversity

Organizational Chart
Dr. Jean Keller
940-565-2711 Jean.Keller@unt.edu
Finance and Administration

Organizational Chart
Bob Brown
Vice President for Finance and Administration, CPA
940-565-2055 Bob.Brown@unt.edu
University Relations, Communications and Marketing

Organizational Chart
Deborah Leliaert
Vice President for University Relations, Communications and Marketing
940-565-2108 Deborah.Leliaert@unt.edu

Organizational Chart
Rick Villarreal
Director of Athletics
940-565-2789 Rick.Villarreal@unt.edu

The UNT System Business Service Center (BSC) is responsible for system-wide delivery of the following business services:

  • Client and Support Services
    • Call Center
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Training
  • Operations and Payroll
    • Payroll
    • Time & Labor
    • General Accounting
    • Tax Accounting
    • Process Improvement
  • Procurement Services
    • Payments
    • Purchasing
    • Supplier Management

The UNT System HR is responsible for system-wide delivery of the following services:

  • Employment
  • Benefits and Leave
  • Personnel Records
  • Training
  • Employee Relations