Dear UNT community,

Welcome to the new academic year.

I'm proud to be part of a university that is leading the way in providing opportunity and creating an environment for growth and discovery.

Our students become the educators, leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists and artists who make our economy hum and our future bright.

Our faculty members are mentors, scholars and researchers rolled into one. They look for solutions to the world's problems but, most importantly, they open up our students' minds.

Our staff members are the engine that makes this university run. Without them, we couldn't support our students' learning.

Together, we make a difference. We have an impact. We change the world.

We do this by clearing obstacles for those who want and deserve a high-quality, affordable education. It is the foundation for our success and it is our roadmap for progress as we work toward our vision of becoming a major research institution.

UNT, like all public universities, is essential to educating future generations. Three-quarters of all college students attend public institutions. As the region's largest and most comprehensive university and the state's fourth-largest university, UNT excels at this fundamental societal mission.

I hope you are each as inspired as I am by UNT's success. Be proud of what you have accomplished and keep making an impact on the world around you.

V. Lane Rawlins

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and growth as a major research university.

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