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The following versions of the North Texas Insider were created under the administration of UNT's past president Norval Pohl.

July 2006
An Evening with Dr. Maya Angelou; Spanish-language media initiatives; Scholarship money; Professor earns national recognition; Cool link of the month: A Glimpse of China via The North Texan; UNTRIVIA: How many students attended last year's Eagle Camp? NT Exes:NT Exes invite you to send-off parties

June 2006
Regal Eagle drawing tickets on sale now; Kyrgyzstan ambassador visits; New Venture Creation Contest; Lecturer named Scholar-in-Residence; Cool link of the month: American Literary Review; UNTRIVIA: How is UNT represented in the revival of the game show I've Got a Secret? NT Exes: Exes invite you to upcoming events

May 2006
Tell us what you think about Insider, win free T-shirts; UNT Strategic Plan; Student Recreation Center renamed; COBA praised for top master's degree; Cool link of the month: Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area; UNTRIVIA: When was UNT's 'Fessor Graham Award first presented? NTExes: Online community gaining momentum

April 2006
Mean Green Night at the Ballpark; UNT's leading research; Alumnus donates $50,000 for scholarship; Students compete in international competition; Professor creates 3-D online learning environments; Cool link of the month: Ask a Librarian; UNTRIVIA: In what year did North Texas adopt green as the school color? NTexes: Your favorite Exes merchandise on sale now

March 2006
Think Green! Spread UNT Pride! Join us for Alumni Appreciation Day; UNT earns $1.8 million grant for high school project; Rediscover the power of ideas; Professor seeks to save Iraqi art; Cool link of the month: The North Texan extras; UNTRIVIA: How long has the current University Union served our campus? NTExes membership steadily growing

February 2006
Win tickets for UNT night with the Dallas Stars, Mavericks; Alumnus ready for March dog sled race; Join us for UNT Beautification Day; New engineering degree in the works; Cool link of the month: Student game demos; UNTRIVIA: Which North Texas president had a hand in having "North" become a part of the official school name? NTexes:Join the Exes for two auctions to benefit scholarships

January 2006
Win a UNT license plate, other goodies; Alumnus McMurtry earns Golden Globe; Engineering college receives new equipment; Campus eateries going high tech; Professor named sport psychologist for Olympic team; Cool link of the month: KNTU; UNTRIVIA: Where were North Texas' first classes held? NTExes:Rent UNT's living room

December 2005
Holiday shopping made easy; Professors named Fulbright Scholars; TAMS student earns national scholarship; UNT honored by Hispanic Outlook; Professor creates new book design for the blind; Cool link of the month:UNT Proud; UNTRIVIA: What well-known singer(s) besides Norah Jones attended North Texas? NTExes: Get your 2006 "Great Moments" calendar

November 2005
Order your UNT holiday cards now; UNT receives $2.5 million gift; $500,000 NSF award for scholarships; Students win top award at film festival; Professor awarded congressional fellowship; Cool link of the month: Mean Green Involved in the Community; UNTRIVIA: How many fans attended North Texas' Homecoming game this year? NTexes invite you to join their new online community

October 2005
Get into the spirit of Homecoming; New UNT license plates available now; Construction update; College of Education luncheon Nov. 7; Help the UNT Foundation raise scholarship money; Cool link of the month: UNT spirit and traditions; UNTRIVIA: What interesting historical materials are online at the UNT Libraries' Portal to Texas History? NTExes:Join the Exes' tailgating parties

September 2005
Career Center assists with your job hunt; Save Nov. 19 for Homecoming; UNT enrollment hits record high; Hispanic Heritage Month festivities; Tommy Lasorda speaks at Murphy Enterprise Center luncheon; Cool link of the month: UNT's newest football halftime show; UNTRIVIA:What national magazine says UNT music rocks?; NTExes: Visit NTExes' merchandise sale

August 2005
Help those affected by Hurricane Katrina; UNT's art scene in Fort Worth; $3.3 million bequest given to UNT researcher; Library science researchers win federal grant; Expand your mind; Cool link of the month:The artwork of alum Grant D. Smith; UNTRIVIA: What UNT treasures are housed within the School of Visual Arts' Texas Fashion Collection? NTExes: It's time to properly display your diploma

July 2005
Support UNT, sport our new gear; Honors College debut; Ride in style to LSU; Become a Congressional insider; Keeping UNT beautiful; Cool link of the month:The music of John Bryant; UNTRIVIA: What musical treasures are kept within the collections at the UNT Music Library?; NTExes: NTExes need partygoers

June 2005
It's not too late to get your yearbook; Legislative update; Student loan consolidation; Mean Green football tickets on sale now; Professor's art displayed in New York; Cool link of the month: Eagle Ambassadors' Mean Green Trivia; UNTRIVIA: Do you know just how big UNT really is?; NTExes: NTExes invite you to parent receptions

May 2005
Rate the Insider; Moot Court Squad takes first in state; College of Music receives $100,000; Elm Fork Education Center summer camps; Discovery sheds light on early humans; Cool link of the month: The Wonderful World of Pop-up and Movable Books; UNTRIVIA:What year did the symbol of the star first become associated with North Texas?; NT Exes: NT Exes need help seeking UNT history

April 2005
Help new graduates by sharing advice; The vote is in; Steel testing lab coming to UNT; Law school update; Need financial advice? You've got it. Cool link of the month: Alaskan 'Grouch'; UNTRIVIA: How many students make up the Green Brigade Marching Band?; NTExes: Come hear some MoUNTain music

March 2005
Cast your ballot now; Alumni appreciation; Microscopes unveiled; Queer Eye for the Straight Guy; Inspirational words; Cool link of the month:Union Gallery; UNTRIVIA: What was the total attendance at the Super Pit for this year's men's and women's Sun Belt Conference basketball tournaments?; NTExes:Graduation Party

February 2005
Spring Break advice; March Madness; The Oscar goes to . ;Keep UNT beautiful; More students flock to Dallas Campus; Cool link of the month: Faculty focus; UNTRIVIA:Which of these popular television shows has not featured a UNT alumnus in the past year?; NTExes: Get going with an Exes chapter

January 2005
A love story; Help tsunami victims; Career Day help; Designer Finals; Shaping our future; Cool link of the month: Mean Green basketball live; UNTRIVIA: Which of these former North Texas students gained recognition for their work in 2004?; NTExes: Ready to rumble?

December 2004
Mean Green gear online; Bowl Game; Law 101; Wise words; Expanding engineering; Cool link of the month: Feral Cat Rescue Group;UNTRIVIA: How many lights does it take to set the 30-foot-tall tree in the University Union aglow? NTExes exclusive calendar

November 2004
Back to the Big Easy; Hollywood jazz; Hot shots from hot spots; Strong support; Election ease; Cool link of the month: Press pass; UNTRIVIA: How many pounds of turkey did dining services prepare for the campus Thanksgiving lunch last week?; Recruiting young alumni

October 2004
Spooky-kooky stories; Up for debate; Televised football; The Mean Green story; Fall "up" in attendance; UNT cool link of the month: UNT news via RSS feed; UNTRIVIA: How many items were borrowed from the UNT library system last year?; Alumni tour packages

September 2004
Alumni benefits; Theatre magic; Science Series; Leadership Luncheon; Family First Day; UNT cool link of the month:Career makeovers; UNTrivia: What has happened during the past six UNT Family Weekends that promotes friendly competition, tasty food and possible indigestion?

August 2004
Best of Dallas; Computer chip patent; Olympic coverage; Year of the University Press; UNT cool link of the month: Mission Fish; UNTrivia: What is the nickname of the new North Texas Exes Alumni Center?

July 2004
Historic football footage; Airport essentials; Stronger armor; Curious summer jobs; Marketing to Generation Y; UNT cool link of the month: WFAA news coverage; UNTrivia: How many Greek fraternities and sororities are on the UNT campus?

June 2004
Lord of the ring; Twice as nice; Teaching with technology; TAMS students' volunteerism; Astronomical rareity; UNT cool link of the month: U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison; UNTrivia: Where is the original UNT spirit bell located?

May 2004
Online storytelling concert; Endow UNT newsletter; New MFA offered; Mean Green football tickets ; Cooler air conditioners; UNT cool link of the month: Dr. Maya Angelou; UNTrivia: The eagle was chosen as the North Texas mascot over what other two potential mascots?

April 2004
Share your "real world" suggestions; Humanitarian Laureate; Incoming comets; Dance and theatre; Health care web site award; UNT cool link of the month: Faculty focus; UNTrivia: What is the name of UNT's newest spring tradition?

March 2004
Reader satisfaction survey; Mean Green Job Fair; King of Thailand to receive honorary degree; Creating samples for International Space Station; The Club at Gateway Center; UNT cool link of the month:Texas Hoe-Down videos; UNTrivia: What can 30 bucks get you on the UNT campus?

February 2004
Get your votes in!; Lost opera; National appointment; First To Go, First To Know; Cool million; UNT cool link of the month: KNTU's frosty February photos; UNTrivia: Where on the UNT campus can you see a 4,000-year-old clay tablet and a book that is less than a millimeter tall?

January 2004
Before she was news anchor. ; Hands-on student investing; Plants with shelf life; BEST scientist in heavy metals; Cyber security certifications; UNT cool link of the month:Online career assessment; UNTrivia: Where on the UNT campus can you see the show "Mars: From Myths to Missions"?

December 2003
Old fashioned caroling; Commencement reality show; Improving infrared sensors; Center for Parent Education; Behind the scenes with Dr. Phil; UNT cool link of the month: Lord of the Rings philosopy; UNTrivia: How many students live on campus?

November 2003
Starman rocks; Small: the new big; A campus with a view; Researching cancer treatments; Spicy Indian cuisine; UNT cool link of the month:; UNTrivia: How many North Texas football athletes have played in the NFL or AFL?

October 2003
Remembering North Texas traditions; Vanity-sized clothing; South Pole cancer survivor to speak; Child support study; Depression and mental lapses; UNT cool link of the month:50 Years of Progress and Opportunity; UNTrivia: Why is the Men's Gym called the "Snake Pit"?

September 2003
Ask Starman; New research program; The Best Western Colleges; Record enrollment; Tuition task force; UNT cool link of the month: Virtual tour; UNTrivia: A 50th anniversary

August 2003
Your advice to students; New UNT provost; UNT mystery; Bringing Up Girls in Science (BUGS); Family Weekend; UNT cool link of the month:UNT Spirit Around the World; UNTrivia: More UNT fun facts

July 2003
Summer reading list; UNT Press awards; Summer 'swat' team; Child nutrition scholar; The Financial Strategies Advocate; UNT cool link of the month:UnFILTERed; UNTrivia: UNT Fact Book

June 2003
Marquis Cafeteria flashback; Rudy Giuliani in southern Dallas; First-of-its-kind bilingual education camp; New chemistry building; Designing for the Exes; UNT cool link of the month: Comic conclusion; UNTrivia: Faculty honors

May 2003
50th anniversary of UNT's integration, Largest collection of oral history interviews, First U.S. study on the status of Dallas women and girls, Leading the way to the Dallas Campus, Road trip fun as a result of luxury bus donation, UNT cool link of the month: Student Recreation Center, UNTrivia: Bonus set of 10 questions

April 2003
UNT wants to hear your news, Outstanding alumni recognized, UNT students become national scholars, U.S. News and World Report rankings, SARS and the emerging field of medical geography, UNT cool link of the month: UNT Albino Squirrel Preservation Society, UNTrivia: The name of the university's first yearbook

March 2003
Free College of Music concert on HDTV, New medicine delivery system, UNT Humanitarian Laureate, Harry S. Truman Scholarship finalist, Campus beautification, UNT cool link of the month: Oscar predictions, UNTrivia: Which of UNT's programs was the first of its kind in Texas to offer hands-on summer training for college credit?

February 2003
Pick-a-theme for Homecoming; Budget crunch; Golf course redevelopment; Alumni career services; Library outreach to Thailand; UNT cool linkof the month:Love connection; UNTrivia: Which alumni received 2003 Grammy nods?

January 2003
Scrappy desktop wallpaper; Math profs solve 50-year-old problem; Take comfort in distance education; "Songs of the Shaman":online extra; North Texas Exes giveaway offer; UNT cool link of the month: Sky Theater; UNTrivia: How does the UNT Debate Team rank against Harvard and Stanford?

December 2002
UNT screensavers, Bound for New Orleans, UNT highway beautification project, Children's book review site, International peace scholar, UNT cool link of the month: Texas Fashion Collection, UNTrivia: Where is UNT's waterfall?

November 2002
More UNT recipes, Start-up the band, Straightforward insurance tips, UNT's research in pre-natal heart development, Cruisin' with the Exes, UNT cool link of the month: Ned's Turkey Farm, UNTrivia: Retired jersey numbers

October 2002
Make your own Scrappy T-shirt, Sights and sounds of Homecoming, Coming soon: UNT College of Engineering, UNT's research in plastics, Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf gives speech, UNT cool link of the month: Pet tricks, UNTrivia: A winning recipe