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The answer is B. According to James L. Rogers’ The Story of North Texas, President John Jackson Crumley will be “remembered as the man who helped put the ‘North’ in North Texas.”

According to the history book, in 1893, State Sen. Emory C. Smith of Denton introduced a bill that by passing the Legislature authorized the school to issue state teaching certificates. However, Rogers goes on to say that “when Crumley sent a Texas Normal College diploma to Austin for counter-signing by state officials, State Superintendent J. M. Carlisle responded that the enabling law referred to 'North Texas Normal College at Denton, Texas.'

With the superintendent’s refusal to acknowledge the diploma without “North” in the school name, Rogers writes that President Crumley “had to get a new state charter under the name specified in the certificate law, and it was this name that served the private school in its remaining years.”

North Texas officially became the University of North Texas in 1988.