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UNT Traditions: Honors Day

UNT's Honors Day is scheduled for March 30 this year.

Honors Day, which began in 1950, is designed to recognize our students who have excelled in general and specific pursuit of their educational goals, to honor individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to UNT and to provide an opportunity for the university community to pay tribute to its deserving members.

Another important tradition celebrated during Honors Day each year is the awarding of the 'Fessor Graham Award, which recognizes one faculty member chosen solely by the students for his or her extraordinary service to the students and the school. This is the final award presented each year at Honors Day.

In 1958, the Student Association created an award to recognize Professor Floyd Graham, who had taught music at North Texas for almost 50 years by the end of his career in 1974. Beginning in 1959, the Student Association established the 'Fessor Graham Award as a permanent, university-wide annual award.

Here's a look at our past 'Fessor Graham Award recipients:

1958 - Floyd Graham, Music
1959 - Beulah Harriss, Physical Education
1960 - Sam B. McAlister, Government
1961 - Arthur M. Sampley, Library Service
1962 - William B. DeMougeot, Speech and Drama
1963 - A. Witt Blair, Education
1964 - Chester A. Newland, Government
1965 - Leon Breeden, Music
1966 - William R. Garner, Government
1967 - Clovis Morrisson, Political Science
1968 - Kendall P. Cochran, Economics
1969 - Don E. Beck, Speech and Drama
1970-1971: The Student Government Association was in some disarray in 1970 and
1971 and no recipient was selected for these years.

1972 - James Riddlesperger, Political Science
1973 - Charles Foster, Business
1974 - Leo Bardo Estrada, Sociology
1975 - Ben Arlen Chappell, Speech Communications
1976 - Milan J. Reban, Political Science
1977 - T. Bullock Hyder, Economics
1978 - Anshel Brusilow, Music
1979 - Umesh C. Banerjee, Biology
1980 - Tommie Collins Lawhon, Education
1981 - Douglas P. Starr, Journalism
1982 - David R. Fitch, Business
1983 - Jerry Lee Yeric, Political Science
1984 - John James Haynie, Music
1985 - Lee Knox, Geography
1986 - J.B. Spalding, Business
1987 - John S. Gossett, Communication and Public Address
1988 - Richard H. Wells, Journalism
1989 - Ernest F. Crystle, Foreign Languages and Literatures
1990 - Dan Haerle, Music
1991 - Valerie D. Martinez, Political Science
1992 - Fred Hamilton, Music
1993 - Kenneth Godwin, Political Science
1994 - Robert S. LaForte, History
1995 - Norris D. Fox, Education
1996 - Ann S. Windle, Education
1997 - Donald E. Chipman, History
1998 - P.R. Chandy, Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law
1999 - Juliet Getty, Merchandising and Hospitality Management
2000 - William T. Waller, Biological Sciences
2001 - Gladys H. Crawford, Biological Sciences
2002 - Thomas P. Sovik, Music
2003 - Richard Tas, Merchandising and Hospitality Management
2004 - Brian Bowman, Music
2005 - David W. Hill, Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation
2006 - Kimi King, Political Science

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