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UNT Insider | February 2009 Issue | Spring Enrollment

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University of North Texas spring enrollment sets all-time record

From a UNT News Service Press Release

Troy Johnson

Troy Johnson

At 33,366 students, UNT enrollment is at an all-time high for the spring semester, according to the unofficial headcount on the 2009 census date (12th class day). Spring 2009 enrollment increased by 3.6 percent compared to spring 2008. In addition, the number of class hours students are taking also set a record, increasing 2.6 percent to 369,057 compared to spring 2008.

Notable growth categories for spring 2009 versus spring 2008 include:

  • New graduate student enrollment increased 20.7 percent to 1,043;
  • New transfer student enrollment increased 13.2 percent to 1,702;
  • African American enrollment grew 8.2 percent;
  • Hispanic enrollment grew 12.7 percent;
  • Asian American enrollment grew 11 percent.

"These enrollment increases are significant for Texas as we work to fulfill our mission of developing a strong, well-educated work force to help bolster the state's economy," says Troy Johnson associate vice president for enrollment management. "The numbers indicate a high level of student retention, indicating continued progress toward fulfillment of UNT's commitment to ensuring that each student earns a degree."

The increased number of Hispanic and African American students is significant for UNT to continue to be among the leaders in Texas in the state's Closing The Gaps effort, which is designed to help ensure the education level of the Texas work force keeps pace with the demands of our economy.

Historically, enrollment is lower in the spring compared to the fall semester. However, upper-level and graduate student class hours for spring 2009 rose to record highs for any semester. Upper-level students are enrolled for a total of 139,599 hours, a 9.2 percent increase over spring 2008 and a 5 percent increase over fall 2008, the previous high. Graduate students are enrolled in a total of 40,531 hours, a 4.3 percent increase over spring 2008.

Credit hour enrollment at UNT's College of Engineering rose 15 percent, an indication of UNT's continuing progress in engineering. Other colleges showed notable credit hour growth including the College of Business, up 6.4 percent, and the College of Public Affairs and Community Service gained 6.7 percent.

The UNT Dallas Campus has achieved a critical enrollment goal in its quest to become the first public university in Dallas. Administrators at the campus announced that enrollment reached 2,333 students, according to unofficial census figures for 2009.

Most important for the campus, however, is the fact that full-time equivalent student enrollment has risen to 1,032. Under current legislation, the UNT Dallas Campus can begin the process of forming an independent university once enrollment has reached 1,000 FTE.

Until the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board verifies enrollment numbers and makes them official later in the spring, all enrollment statistics are unofficial, 12th class day numbers.

Buddy Price with UNT News Service can be reached at Buddy.Price@unt.edu.

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