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UNT Insider | February 2011 issue | Billboards, ads build awareness of UNTís success

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Billboards, ads build awareness of UNTís success

From Inhouse, UNT's faculty and staff news source

UNT Billboard

The UNT and Dallas-Fort Worth community has been seeing and hearing more about UNT's impacts and importance to the region, thanks to a targeted advertising campaign that builds on efforts started in 2008.

Ten-second TV ads are currently airing during traffic reports on KTVT and WFAA through March. The audio states that UNT has been DFW's leading university since 1890, and the caption says "Enroll Now."

Billboards with UNT pride facts such as "36,000 students + 250 degree programs = DFW's leading university" are at 12 locations in Dallas, Fort Worth, Plano, Frisco, Lewisville, Gainesville and Denton.

Print advertising continues in the Chronicle of Higher Education, Dallas Morning News and area community college newspapers.

“We know that improving UNT’s reputation increases the value of every UNT degree,” says Deborah Leliaert, vice president for University Relations, Communications and Marketing. “The billboards URCM created will resonate with prospective students and their parents and people who could influence prospective students, like business and opinion leaders. We are aiming to simultaneously improve the reputation of our university while encouraging students to enroll.”

She added that as a university, UNT has many constituents -- students, faculty and staff member; the community at-large; existing and potential donors; and business partners. Our campaign therefore is multifaceted and targeted to address those audiences in multiple ways, she says.

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