Reader Satisfaction Survey

Please help improve the North Texas Insider by participating in this short survey.

1. The newsletter delivers reader-friendly, entertaining messages.    
2. It informs readers of relevant information, issues and events related to UNT.    
3. It increases awareness of UNT's contributions to teaching, research and public service.    
4. It fosters a sense of community among readers, i.e., readers feel like university "insiders."    
5. Content length is considerate of readers' time.    
6. Design is user friendly, e.g., links work, images add value and load in a reasonable amount of time.    
7. Frequency of newsletter is appropriate.    
8. Would you recommend the newsletter to others who have an interest in UNT, e.g., former classmates, prospective students?
9. When the newsletter arrives in your inbox, do you look forward to reading it?