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Dr. Norval Pohl Dear Alum,

This year marks the 50th anniversary of UNT's desegregation. In 1954, doctoral student A. Tennyson Miller became the first African American to attend this university. Since then, UNT has had many pioneers of desegregation. This year we are honoring the results of their efforts.

To kick off our "50 Years of Progress and Opportunity, 1954-2004" observance, we invite you to an entertaining evening of dance, jazz and gospel music on Feb. 14. We will pay a special decade-by-decade tribute to African Americans who have overcome barriers to pave the way for others at the university -- from Dr. Miller, our first African American student, to Dr. Howard E. Johnson, UNT's first African American provost, who joined our campus family last fall.

I invite alumni of all races and generations to visit the web site dedicated to the yearlong celebration for more information about the gala and other upcoming events. And, just as importantly, I invite each of you to join your fellow alumni who already have shared their campus memories of the time period between 1954 and 2004 at the web site. Your submissions become an online scrapbook of photos and memories to commemorate this anniversary.

As we honor those who have played such an integral role in our history, we hope your stories will inspire the university community of today to confront and better understand our past.

Best wishes in 2004,


January 2004


Before she was news anchor…

Hands-on student investing

Plants with shelf life

BEST scientist in heavy metals

Cyber security certifications

UNT cool link of the month:
Online career assessment

UNTrivia: Where on the UNT campus can you see the show "Mars: From Myths to Missions"?


Live on NTTV
If you've read the cover story of the winter North Texan then you know that Debbie Denmon, alumna and WFAA news anchor in Dallas, has proud parents happy to see their daughter on local TV. But we've got a surprise! Debbie was on air locally before WFAA. Catch the budding anchor on film during her NTTV days.

Real money
Many UNT programs provide real-life experiences for students. A recent gift of $285,000 to the College of Business Administration created a Student Investment Group that allows its members to use real money to learn to invest wisely. Watch their portfolio's progress at the link below.

Flower power

For those of you already thinking ahead to Valentine's Day, here's some good news. UNT scientists patented a method to preserve cut flowers. In experiments, blossoms remained fresh for more than 17 days! This method could revolutionize the $7 billion cut-flower industry. Scientists at a brand-new UNT Center for Plant Lipid Research continue to study other applications.

Heavy metals

What does it take to be considered a BEST scientist? The National Academy of Sciences' Board on Environmental Studies and Toxicology, or BEST, looks for expertise and objectivity — and it chose Tom La Point, UNT director of the Institute of Applied Sciences and professor of biology. La Point's knowledge of heavy metals will be tested during a 21-month study to help evaluate EPA conclusions for cleaning up a superfund site. Board decisions will impact analysis of other superfund sites around the country.

Cyber security certification
Have you been one of the vast numbers of people affected by hackers or computer viruses? Internet security violations have increased more than 400 percent since 1998. UNT established a new Center for Information and Computer Security to increase security-related research and federally certify new experts in the field. We are the only Texas university (and one of 12 in the nation) to certify system administrators according to U.S. National Security Agency standards.

Cool link: Career counseling

Whether you are planning your first career or considering a career change, check out the Career Counseling Center's online assessments. Choose from the Career Interests Game to the Transferable Skills Survey. You also can determine your personality type by playing the Color Quiz. The site provides contact information if you would like to follow up the assessments with a career counselor.

UNT Trivia

UNTrivia: Where on the UNT campus can you see the show "Mars: From Myths to Missions"?

a. Syndicate
b. Sky Theater
c. Lyceum


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