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Love connection: U N T students meet their soul mates on campus. By Nancy Kolsti


Alumni and friends selected stories

November 2003, Brian and I met through some friends at a tailgating party. I came to the game with my friends, then later on a truck parked next to us and a huge group of people were around us instantaneously. Brian was included in this group. Brian was a graduate student and teaching fellow, at UNT, out to have a good time, waiting for the game to start, the last thing he was looking for was someone to "fall in love with". I, Christel, was an undergraudate and came to have a good time with my friends, and meet new people. I did not have the oppurtunity to enjoy the campus life because I communted back and forth to school. Brian and I both went to the game, to cheer on the Mean Green, and came out to the cars at halftime to enjoy our "refreshments" and mingle. Brian saw me dancing to Aerosmith, we made fun of each others sunglasses, then just kicked it off from there. We hung out the rest of the night. We went to Fry Street with the group and enjoyed everyone's company. I eventually went and crashed at a friends house. The next morning I had to wake Brian up early with a phone call to get my cooler out of his apartment, because I needed to get back home. I left Denton and my phone rang. Brian and his friend wanted to meet up with me for Breakfast. We ate at Grandy's then parted ways. The whole next week at school, Brian and I ran into each other before and after classes. He eventually got the nerve to ask for my number then I had to get the nerve to ask him out on a date. Brian proposed to me on December 10, 2004, and we are getting married April 22, 2006. Soon to be, Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Christel Smith


Sam and I met while I was living in Maple Hall. I knew his best friend through a girlfriend of mine. When my roomate and I moved to Mozart square, his best friend was my next door neighboor. I honestly did not like him at first, but the next time I saw him, I knew there was something special about him. We began dating on January 31, 2000 and married on September 18, 2004 in Fort Worth. We had our picture taken one afternoon when the weather turned un-seasonably warm and we went to McKenna park to enjoy the sun. From where we were sitting, you could see the Highland Baptist Church steeple in the background. Sign from God? It made the NT Daily the next day. We both graduated with degrees in Sociology in 2002. Damali Johnson-Crain

Mr. and Mrs. Sam A. Crain IV
UNT alumni


Steve and I met in the Fall of 1967 in an accounting class at North Texas. The first day we met, he carried my books and walked with me to Marquis Hall (my dorm in those days). He pledged Sig Ep and I pledged ZTA and we attended many great social events together. Many of our Sig Ep brothers and ZTA sisters married and live in the Dallas area. On our 25th wedding anniversary, our children [Kristen (who received her degree from UNT), Tammy (who received her degree & masters at UNT) & Adam, who attended UNT and is finishing at Texas Tech] surprised us with a wonderful reunion with many of our old North Texas friends to celebrate our milestone. Janice is still active at UNT, serving on the Advisory Board for the School of Community Service and promoting Denton and UNT at every opportunity. It does feel like home and we have many pictures that take us back to those good ole' days. The university is getting better and better all the time and it is great to be associated with NORTH TEXAS--Our oldest daughter met her husband (Kristen and Jason Belloni) at North Texas and now have given us two wonderful grandchildren, Skylar (5) & Spencer (almost 2), so it has been a real family affair! Here we are in 1968 as Valentines at North Texas & in love with our family in Plano in 2004.

Janice (Craze) and Stephen S. Cline
UNT alumni


My wife and I met in 1999 in the Talons organization. At the time I had been an active member for one semester and she was my "lil sis" while she pledged. I would spend countless evenings in her dorm room just talking and laughing. One day though, the girl that I used to see as just a buddy became something more. We dated for three and a half years while in college and were about as inseparable as two people could become. In fact, when I was elected President of Talons she took upon herself the moniker of "first lady." We've been together ever since and married in June of 2004.

Emmitt and Lera Jackson
UNT alumni


Jim Degnan ('95) and Jaynie Miller Degnan ('96) met in April 2005 through Jaynie's roommate and Jim's classmate Ashley Yarberry. Jaynie and Jim quickly developed a friendship which after a few months evolved into dating. The following June, Jim moved to Seattle, WA to pursue a job opportunity, and the pair continued their relationship over the miles until Jaynie graduated and move to Seattle herself. Jaynie and Jim were married in July 2000 in Dallas, TX. They are approaching their 5th wedding anniversary and the 10th anniversary of their first date.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim and Jaynie Degnan
UNT alumni


Hunter and I met each other in the spring of 2002. We are both recreation majors and had two of the same classes that particular semester. I first noticed Hunter about a month into the semester, mid-February. He stood up infront of the class to give a presentation. I thought to myself, "That guy is so funny and handsome, I bet he's got a girlfriend." Well, turns out that he didn't and he had noticed me way before I had noticed him. We kept meeting up after class to walk to the parking lot together. I would make up something like, "My car is making this funny noise, would you mind taking a look at it for me?" He asked me to help him with his math homework. Come to find out, he wasn't even taking math that semester. On afternoon, I was walking up the stairs of my apt. and telling my brother about this guy Hunter in my class that I was really into. We walked inside, I checked the answering machine, and there was Hunter's voice. He has looked up my last name on the class roll sheet that our teacher passed around each class for attendance (who's teacher does that?) He looked up my name in the phone book, found it, and took a chance at getting the right Emily Hill. I was ecstatic, and called him back immediately. He said he had tickets to a Mavericks game for that Saturday, I said great. Well, come to find out (I found out about two weeks ago), he didn't have tickets to the game, but he bought some later that day from a scalper, and paid way to much money for them. Saturday roles around, and IT'S SNOWING and it's iced over so bad we can't go to the game. He loses the money that he spent on the scalped tickets, and we go to Sweetwater to eat dinner, have a few drinks and shoot some pool. We have a great time, stay together, graduate, and get married in November 2004. We recently moved to Pasadena, Texas, and Hunter is working for the City of Pasadena Parks and Recreation Department. I'm on the job search, happily married and missing Denton!!

Hunter and Emily Smith
UNT alumni


I was a Criminal Justice major and Hailey was a Political Science major. She was taking the criminal justice course "Law Enforcement" as an elective and we started chatting it up in the back row. We were both dating other people at the time and Hailey's then-boyfriend was in the same class so he didn't like our friendship. We stayed close friends for two more years and starting dating when I was in law school. We are now happily married in New Jersey and we have our own little U.N.T. Group of friends up here. Married life is great and we look forward to having kids as soon as we get over our "travel bug."

Mr. and Mrs. Brian and Hailey Brennan


Bill had come to North Texas in 1957. I was then at TWU but went to North Texas in 1962, graduating in 1965. He graduated in 1959. We met at a dorm dance. One of my friends introduced me to Bill Cheek. I said that was the funniest name I had ever heard. We kept running into each other for a couple of months. One night at the Drag, he asked me to go to the movies. Two and one half months later, we eloped. I still have that funny name, even though he passed away in 1996. We were married for 38 and 1/2 years.

Pat and Bill Cheek
UNT alumni