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old, toned photo of UNT's first buildingThe answer is c. In 1890, the building on the northwest corner of Denton's town square housed the B.J. Wilson Hardware Store downstairs and Texas Normal College and Teachers' Training Institute classes upstairs. By the 1930s, when this photo was taken, the building was occupied by the Long and King grocery company. The location now houses the Ethan Allen furniture company.

As the 19th century entered its final decade, Denton was a town of 2,558 residents not far removed from the frontier. While it could count eight saloons and many shanties, there were no sidewalks and no bridges. But one thing Denton did have was a desire for an institution of learning.

This dream matched the ambitions of a Joshua Crittenden Chilton, inspired like many others by his years at the National Normal University in Lebanon, Ohio, to establish his own normal college. Chilton and the residents of Denton agreed on terms, and on Sept. 16, 1890, the first Texas Normal College and Teachers' Training Institute classes were held. At the time, it was a private, non-sectarian institution that granted diplomas and teaching certificates.