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UNT Insider | January 2008 Issue | Technology researcher joins UNT for year of research

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Technology researcher joins College of Engineering for year

From a UNT News Service press release

Demonstrating the University of North Texas' ongoing commitment to globalization and collaboration, an associate professor from the Hefei University of Technology in China will spend 2008 researching and lecturing at UNT's College of Engineering.

Liangmei Hu's areas of specialty include image processing and computer vision. She will conduct a variety of research projects and serve as a guest lecturer in both undergraduate and graduate computer science and engineering classes. Hu's visit is sponsored by the China Scholarship Council.

Hu will be working with Bill Buckles, professor of computer science and engineering, on a project to construct a digital terrain model combining LiDAR (light detection and ranging–an optical remote sensing technology) and infrared, or IR, information.

Hu says, "LiDAR data and IR images can provide elevation and resolution data; infrared also gives us high resolution information. What I am doing is looking for ways to combine both modalities for accurate urban modeling."

Xiaohui Yuan, assistant professor of computer science and engineering at UNT, also will be working closely with Hu. He says, "Dr. Hu will get a taste of different projects that we are working on in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. I am eager to see her input in our project involving wireless capsule endoscopy. We want to remove redundant frames from the video, condense the viewing process and achieve computer-aided diagnostics."

Hu says it was a bit of a culture shock when she first came to Denton. She says, "The atmosphere here is clean and fresh. The living and research styles are different than those in China. There's a lot for me to learn here."

Hefei University of Technology, or HFUT, was founded in 1945. It is located in Hefei, a city of nearly 4.7 million people in central China. HFUT has more than 23,600 students and 1,440 teachers in more than 60 undergraduate and 65 graduate fields of study. The university participates actively in international cooperation and academic exchanges and has established relationships with universities and research centers in more 30 countries.

Krishna Kavi, chair of the department of computer science and engineering at UNT, says, "This is a great opportunity to further research collaborations with scholars from other countries. This also speaks positively about the research of Drs. Buckles and Yuan."

UNT News Service Press Release
Rafael McDonnell may be reached at RMcDonnell@unt.edu.

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