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Dr. Norval and Barbikay Pohl at the New Orleans Bowl game Dear Alum,

My wife, Barbikay, and I enjoyed ourselves immensely at the New Orleans Bowl game, cheering on our champions. I thank each of you who went or welcomed back the Mean Green as they returned to campus. Your support, whether in person or in spirit, meant a great deal to the team. View photos from New Orleans.

As we look back at 2002, we especially celebrate our advances in academics and research. We have established our first laboratory at the UNT Research Park in Denton. It is an ultra-high vacuum wafer bonding lab -- one of only three in the world. The lab gives UNT a head start on developing its new College of Engineering. And, UNT continues to develop long-range plans to add additional professional programs such as law. There is much to look forward to in 2003.

Best wishes in the New Year,


January 2003

Scrappy desktop wallpaper

Math profs solve 50-year-old problem

Take comfort in distance education

"Songs of the Shaman":online extra

North Texas Exes giveaway offer

UNT cool link of the month: Sky Theater

UNTrivia: How does the UNT Debate Team rank against Harvard and Stanford?



Redecorate with wallpaper

After I installed last month's screensavers on my computer, I decided I needed UNT desktop wallpaper to go with them. If your computer screen is due for a makeover too, download a high-tech Mean Green Scrappy at the link below.

Mighty math

How long does it take for two UNT mathematicians to solve a problem that no one else has been able to solve in five decades? Four years. The two professors used an unusual combination of math theories, including the clincher -- mechanical engineering principles -- to be the first to prove the Steinhaus Lattice Problem. Their approved solution was published by two leading math publications after being critiqued by international experts.

Relax and learn

Have you ever thought about picking up a class here and there, or even pursuing an advanced degree, but can't make it to campus? Kick up your feet and take college courses at your leisure. Internet classes are fully interactive, and you can download class assignments anytime, anywhere -- lunch breaks or between dinnertime and bedtime. Check out what UNT has to offer.
Distance learning programs offered online

Love at dawn

I hope you received your winter North Texan magazine in the mail. Mine sits on my coffee table, so I can pick it up and thumb through my favorite stories again. If you like the issue's cover story, "Songs of the Shaman," check out the magazine's web site. You'll be able to hear Bill Worrell sing one of his favorite love songs, "Amor en la Madrugada," exclusively online.

Gift with purchase
Alumni apparel and camaraderie are only a click away. The North Texas Exes are offering the ease of online ordering for their T-shirts, polos, oxfords, coach-autographed New Orleans Bowl T-shirts and even membership. Mention the Insider in the "message or comments" field on the shipping information page, and you'll receive a bonus gift from me when your order arrives.

Cool link: UNT Sky Theater

Is your child (or the child in you) interested in outer space? UNT is home to one of only 20 planetariums in the world featuring a spectacular projection system that reproduces the night sky with digital precision. Visit the web site for a schedule of shows, ask Starman a question or discover what celestial events are on the horizon.

UNT Trivia

UNTrivia: Which of the following university teams does the UNT Debate Team outrank?

a. Harvard, Stanford and Georgetown
b. Baylor and the University of Texas at Austin
c. Both a and b


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