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The answer is b. UNT features 835 acres. This includes the main campus, Eagle Point Campus, UNT Research Park, the Library Annex, the Astronomy Observatory, Water Research Field Station, the Newton Rayzor property and the Liberty Christian facility, which will become the Women's Athletics Complex.

That's a long way from our humble start on the second floor of a downtown Denton hardware store in 1890. The first 10-acre tract of land selected for the university's first building in 1891 was bounded by Hickory on the north, Sycamore on the south, Avenue A on the east and Avenue B on the west, according to James L. Rogers' The Story of North Texas. The university's first building, the Normal Building, was built in 1891 but was struck by lightning and burned to the ground in 1907.

To see what our campus looks like today, check out our interactive online map at www.unt.edu/pais/map/campusmap.htm.