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UNT Insider | March 2009 Issue | UNT ad campaign

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UNT features new billboards and new video spots for its ad campaign

From a UNT News Service press release

UNT is continuing to spread the word about its excellence through a targeted brand and image ad campaign that is showcasing the breadth of the university's programs, highlighting our size and helping to increase UNT's profile nationally.

The campaign, which launched last fall, is the first phase of a three-year plan designed to raise overall awareness about UNT and all that it has to offer. Through the campaign, the university is enhancing its image among business and opinion leaders, alumni, students and the community at large, as well as building a strong foundation of brand awareness.

The campaign began by telling people that UNT is the choice of nearly 35,000 students and is now showing the breadth of UNT's programs to show people that students have the opportunity to earn a great education full of opportunity for a successful future. The campaign is designed to promote the university as a whole increasing the value of every UNT degree.

During the three years of the brand-focused campaign, the university expects to give target audiences a clear understanding of the breadth and depth of UNT's personality, programs and outreach.

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March 2009

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