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UNT Insider | March 2012 issue | UNT Libraries named one of Top 20 digital repositories in the world

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UNT Libraries named one of Top 20 digital repositories in the world

From a UNT News Service press release

UNT Libraries has been ranked among the top 20 institutional digital repositories in the world in the latest Ranking Web of World Depositories measurement by Cybermetrics Lab, a research group of the Spanish National Research Council, the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain. The list includes universities as well as repositories maintained by laboratories and centers that are not part of a college or university.

Cybermetrics Lab also ranked UNT Libraries ninth among 100 repositories in Canada and the U.S., ahead of those at the California Institute of Technology, Georgia Tech University, Rice University, Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, the University of Michigan and the University of Texas at Austin, among many others. The highest-ranked Texas university after UNT is Texas A&M, which is ranked 29th.

"Rankings like these fluctuate constantly as digital repositories put more effort into integrating their content with the open Web," says Mark Phillips, the UNT Libraries' assistant dean for digital libraries. "This new ranking highlights all of the work that the UNT Libraries has been doing in this area."

The purpose of the Ranking Web of World Repositories is to support open access initiatives -- the free access to scientific publications and to other academic material in an electronic form. The Cybermetrics Lab staff ranks only repositories with autonomous web domains or subdomains, and excludes repositories consisting of only a few electronic journals, as well as repositories devoted only to non-scientific papers and archival material. The biannual rankings measure the global visibility and impact of digital repositories worldwide.

Repositories that fit the criteria for ranking, including those at universities in the U.S. and worldwide, are ranked according to the number of pages recorded from the four largest online search engines, the total number of unique external links received by a site, the number of text files in Acrobat format extracted from Google and Yahoo, and the mean numbers of the total number of papers and more recently published papers.

UNT Libraries' Digital Library currently has more than 60,765 unique items comprising 3.8 million files. The digital collections include the CyberCemetery, which houses accumulated information from defunct agency websites. The Digital Library also includes theses and dissertations, artwork, musical scores, government documents, journals and historical posters.

Because of its role in creating the CyberCemetery and other vital government-related digital collections, the UNT Libraries was named one of 10 affiliated archives of the National Archives and Records Administration.

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