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Love connection: U N T students meet their soul mates on campus. By Nancy Kolsti

Delores and Roy Ford
in 1968

Alumni and friends selected stories

Amy and I met in Prof. McGuire's Federalism class. It was a chance of fate as my degree was in Political Science and Amy's was in Public Relations/Emergency Administration, and this course was a joint poli sci/e admin class. Amy sat three rows in front of me during that Summer I course, and I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. After each class and most of the tests I would wait around the front entrance at Wooten for her to leave. At each of these "chance meetings," I would walk her to the Union where she worked. By the end of the semester, after a date and our countless walks together, I knew we were in love. Our first date came after the course ended, and we've been together ever since. Last April while I was on deployment with my reserve unit, I arranged for several of Amy's close friends to help me propose to her. I had one of her friends call her from Wooten Hall with the story that her car had broken down. When Amy arrived to pick up her friend, the proposal began. I had Amy's friends stationed at several points along the same path that Amy and I had walked during that memorable first summer together. When Amy had reached the last point on the trail, her group of friends took her to where I was waiting, at a bench outside the Business building near where our first kiss took place. Amy said yes to my proposal and in less than a month, we'll be married. Amy and I both loved the time we spent at UNT, but it is Prof. McGuire's Federalism class that I will never forget. Pete Serrata '01

Amy Miller '02 and Pete Serrata '01
UNT alumni


We met in 1990, probably in the Maple Hall Cafeteria where LaDawn lived, and Cedric, who lived in Crumley, ate regularly. Usually there was a group of at least 10 people at the table and we both were a part of the group. We never dated while we were students and we didn't really keep up with each other after we left UNT. In 1999, LaDawn stopped by a local restaurant in Houston, TX to grab a quick lunch before an appointment and recognized Cedric behind the counter. Names were slow in coming but he revealed that he had recently moved to Houston to become manager and part owner of that very restaurant. Phone numbers were exchanged and Cedric called that very night. From that day on, we've been inseparable and married on January 26, 2002

Cedric and LaDawn (Ashley) Fletcher
UNT alumni


Richie and Kristen Escovedo first met in the Communication Department at UNT. "We were both dating other people at the time, so it never occured to us to date each other," says Kristen about their first encounters. "But the Comm. Department isn't that big, so we had a lot of classes over the next couple of years. Eventually, we figured out that we were dating the wrong people." Kristen and Richie started dating in December of 1998. By May of the following year, Richie was ready to propose. His actually proposed in Terrell Hall. The couple was performing in a production of "Post Modern My Fair Lady," sponsored by the UNT Performance Interest Group (PIGS). At the end of the performance, when Kristen and Richie were the only two on stage, Richie got down on one knee, pulled out a ring, and asked Kristen to marry him. "You could say that our being married has everything to do with UNT. The Chair of the Comm. Department was there when Richie proposed, along with about 25 other Communication Majors. The two were married that August at Grace Temple Baptist Church, which is just down the street form UNT. They now live in Fort Worth where they both practice Public Relation

Mr. and Mrs. Richie Escovedo
UNT alumni


David and I met in September 1996 the cafeteria of Bruce Hall. We both have obtained our bachelors degrees from UNT - Dave's in Marketing and mine in Public Relations (Journalism. We were engaged on Dec. 26, 2002 and will be married July 19, 2003. Dave and I truly believe this has all happened due to the fact Dave chose to transfer to UNT and complete his college education.

David Baxter and Michelle Coltharp- Engaged