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News Flash!


University of North Texas “Starman” and his band Crawfish are contenders for the 46th Annual Grammy Awards in 11 categories—unheard of for a band not on a major label.


Mild-mannered Ron DiIulio, UNT’s planetarium manager by day, is Star Man by night and Rock star on stage.


DiIulio and his constellation of musicians have been dishing out tunes for 25 years in the Lone Star State.   With strong compositions topped by humor and a pinch of stardust, Crawfish is a band that blends the happiness of heaven with the heaviness of earth.


“Who would have thought that someone in the physics department at UNT would be nominated for album of the year, much less 11 awards?” said DiIulio.


Crawfish is being considered for nomination in the following categories:


  1. Category 1-RECORD OF THE YEAR:  “Whole World Happy” (Ron DiIulio, Phil York, composers)
  2. Category 2-ALBUM OF THE YEAR: “Radiola”-Crawfish
  3. Category 3-SONG OF THE YEAR: “Rhythm for My Blues” (Ron DiIulio, composer/lead vocalist)
  4. Category 3-SONG OF THE YEAR: Bogged Down in the Bayou (Floyd Dakil, composer)
  5. Category 4-BEST NEW ARTIST: Crawfish/”Radiola”
  6. Category 7-BEST POP PERFORMANCE BY DUO/GROUP-“Why Can’t we Have it Like We Used to?”  (Ron DiIulio, composer/lead vocal)
  7. Category 11-BEST POP VOCAL ALBUM: “Radiola”-Crawfish
  8. Category 81-BEST INSTRUMENTAL COMPOSTION: “Ants in my Pants” (Ron DiIulio, composer)
  9. Category 82-BEST INSTRUMENTAL ARRANGEMENT: “Ants in my Pants” (Ron DiIulio, arranger)
  10. Category 88-BEST ENGINEERED ALBUM, NON-CLASSICAL: “Radiola” (Ron DiIulio, Phil York-engineers)
  11. Category 89-PRODUCER OF THE YEAR, NON-CLASSICAL: “Radiola” (Ron DiIulio, Phil York-producers)


“A Grammy for best new artist would be a hoot after 25 years as a musician,” said DiIulio.  “I’ll just have to wish upon a star.”