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Dr. Norval Pohl Dear Alum,

Well, it's official! The Mean Green once again claims the Sun Belt Conference Championship title and a trip to the New Orleans Bowl—for the third year in a row. If you haven't joined us in New Orleans these past two years, please consider mixing and mingling with fellow alumni and joyous students Dec. 16 at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. 

You'll enjoy the bowl game and all its before and after festivities, such as Mean Green Mania and tailgating. On the field, UNT will be a worthy opponent. The Mean Green leads the nation with the most consecutive conference-game wins. Running back Patrick Cobbs continues to lead Division I-A rushers in yards per game. And, defensive tackle Brandon Kennedy was a preseason All-America candidate and up for several national awards. (He also has his very own bobblehead doll. Look for more info in your winter North Texan).

UNT is averaging almost 19,000 fans per home game. Let's get that many and more in New Orleans! Visit the 2003 North Texas Bowl Headquarters for more information on special ticket prices, travel and lodging, and a schedule of events. The game also will be nationally televised on ESPN2.

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November 2003


Starman rocks

Small: the new big 

A campus with a view

Researching cancer treatments

Spicy Indian cuisine

UNT cool link of the month:

How many North Texas football athletes have played in the NFL or AFL?


46th Annual Grammy Awards contender
I've mentioned Starman, a.k.a. UNT planetarium manager Ron DiIulio, in the Insider before in relation to the Sky Theater, but get this. Starman also is a rock star. He and a constellation of musicians form the band, Crawfish, which is being considered for 11 Grammy nominations! Check out their potential categories at the link below and then help the multitalented physicist wish upon a star come Dec. 4 when final nominees are announced.

What is small, is big
The world's smallest technology — nanotechnology, or exploratory engineering at atomic and molecular levels — is a big topic in science right now. UNT is at the forefront of this important research, and the U.S. Congress is supporting our efforts with a $3.1 million appropriation, championed by U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. The funding launches UNT's new Center for Advanced Research and Technology at the UNT Research Park.

Dallas and a vision
You can see the Dallas skyline from atop a hill on the 264 acres that will be UNT at Dallas. The scenic vistas and the natural environment with its established trees will retain a high aesthetic standard thanks to the Trustees of the Communities Foundation of Texas. With a gift of $500,000, the foundation is funding a master plan that will establish the physical character and image of a first-class university and the first public university in Dallas.

Cancer-fighting research
A UNT professor's study of suspended animation could lead to treatments to fight cancer. The biology professor is studying oxygen deprivation in the round worm, an organism that can initiate a state of suspended animation to survive a lack of oxygen and then reverse this state when oxygen is available. She links this death-like condition to the arrest of cell division and has been the first to prove that proteins involved with cell division also are involved with surviving oxygen deprivation.

New cultural experiences
Naan bread. Saffron rice. Curry chicken. The Indian food business is booming in America, according to a recent study by a UNT assistant professor of hospitality management, and is expanding our Asian food options beyond egg rolls and sushi. The study points to the sophistication of the American palate and an increase in public awareness of Indian cuisine as reasons for the boom.

Cool link: UNT
The UNT eCampus site, launched this month, is the new home to all web-based and videoconference course listings at UNT. I find the site very user friendly with helpful links to all the pertinent info a distance-education student needs. So if you've ever thought about taking college courses on your own time, check out what UNT has to offer.

UNT Trivia

UNTrivia: How many North Texas athletes have played in the NFL or AFL?

a. 13
b. 39
c. 56


North Texas Exes logo
Join the North Texas Exes for a New Orleans Bowl Game Watching Party Dec. 16 at Two Rows Restaurant and Brewery in Addison! For other important new developments with the North Texas Exes and ways to become more involved with the alumni association, please visit

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