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UNT Insider | October 2011 issue | UNT enrollment continues to include brighter students focused on earning degrees

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UNT enrollment continues to include brighter students focused on earning degrees

From a UNT News Service press release

UNT's fall 2011 student body includes the most academically talented and largest freshman class as well as the largest enrollment of doctoral students in UNT history.

This year's freshman class includes more students from the top ranks of the 2011 high school class and holds an average SAT test score of 1105, which is four points higher than last year. This means that even as UNT's freshman class grew in size by more than 300 students, it also increased in quality. And importantly, this UNT freshman class is focused on earning degrees quickly as they are carrying an average class load of 14.5 hours.

This fall, headcount enrollment is 35,754, a decline of 364 students as compared to last fall's unofficial headcount at the fall census date (the fall semester's 12th day of classes).

However, this fall the number of courses taken by the student body is breaking an all-time record, with the university reporting a 0.4 percent increase in credit hours registered for by UNT students. An increase in credit hours taken even as headcount enrollment dips is indicative of a serious student body focused on promptly completing degrees.

In fact, the three most important indicators of undergraduate academic success all increased this year.

  • The freshman progression (the rate at which a freshman continues immediately to the sophomore year) is up one point from 78 percent to 79 percent.
  • The four-year graduation rate increased 2.4 points to 24.4 percent, up from 22 percent.
  • The six-year graduation rate increased by 1.2 points to 49.4 percent, up from 48.2 percent.

Last year, UNT awarded 633 more degrees than the previous year, an increase of 8 percent.

With the increases in size and quality to the freshman class, these indicators all should continue to increase.

"Our growth in both the number and quality of freshmen is a testament to the high quality of UNT's undergraduate education," President V. Lane Rawlins says. "We are committed to being the best undergraduate institution in Texas and with our many nationally ranked programs and extraordinary service for students we already are in many ways. And clearly the students at every level agree."

Key numbers for this year's fall enrollment include the 4,069 freshmen who are studying at UNT compared to 3,763 (8.2 percent growth) last year. This growth occurred even though UNT denied admission to 10 percent more applicants than last year. In two years, the freshman class has grown by more than 500 students.

Also, the fall 2011 enrollment includes a growing doctoral student population of 1,744 as compared to 1,658 last fall (5 percent growth).

Growth at the graduate level is particularly important to the university's continued development as a major public research university. UNT is committed to transforming itself as a public research university, and is growing its excellence in science, engineering and technology while remaining committed to its mission of educating and graduating students.

"As a public university, the most important thing UNT does is provide students with an opportunity to pursue their dreams and change their lives," Rawlins says. "In doing so, we provide the North Texas region with a well-prepared workforce that meets industry needs and keeps our economy going. The fact that we are growing both in quality and size at both the undergraduate and graduate levels means our region, state and nation will grow stronger."

UNT continues to be one of the nation's most diverse universities with 5,518 Hispanic and 4,556 African American students. And, this year UNT will again reach out to meet the needs of more than 2,500 student veterans and their dependents pursuing degrees.

Until the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board verifies enrollment numbers and makes them official later in the fall, all enrollment statistics are unofficial, 12th class day numbers.

Kelley Reese with UNT News Service can be reached at Kelley.Reese@unt.edu.

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