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UNT Insider | September 2007 Issue | UNT enrollment

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UNT's record 34,268 students enroll in more classes, get on track for timely graduation

From a UNT News Service press release

UNT enrollment climbed to another all-time high of 34,268 students - an increase of 2.5 percent, or 825 students - according to the unofficial headcount on the 2007 Fall census date, which is the 12th class day.

Importantly, the semester credit hour average increased 4.1 percent among undergraduates and 3.9 percent overall, which means UNT students clearly are on the path to completing their degrees as they are taking larger class loads.

"UNT's commitment to its students really is all about ensuring that each of them earns a degree because the point of going to college is to graduate, not simply to enroll," says President Gretchen M. Bataille. "We made a concerted effort on campus during the past year to educate our students about the benefits of graduating on time, in four years when possible. Our increased class load numbers indicate those efforts made a difference. We are committed to the success of the increasing number of talented students who are making UNT their first choice."

This is the seventh consecutive year UNT has posted a new all-time high enrollment and it is the 11th consecutive year that UNT enrollment has increased. Last year, UNT enrolled 33,443 students in the fall term. The university's enrollment surpassed 30,000 students for the first time in 2002.

New minority students account for much of the growth this fall. African American enrollment increased 8.4 percent from 3,989 to 4,326, while Hispanic enrollment increased 5.6 percent from 3,622 to 3,824. African American students represent 12.6 percent of UNT"s total student population and Hispanic students represent 11.2 percent of the total number of students. Enrollments increased for Asian (7.6 percent) and Native American (3.9 percent) students, as well.

UNT's total undergraduate enrollment is up 2.7 percent from 26,672 in Fall 2006 to 27,319 this fall. Graduate enrollment also increased 1.5 percent, or 104 students.

On-site 2007 fall census date enrollment at the UNT Dallas campus also reached an all time high with a headcount of 1,876 students. That figure represents a 22 percent increase over the 12th class day headcount of 1,538 in Fall 2006.

But most important for the Dallas campus is its increase in student full-time equivalent enrollment. The campus reached 815.4 full-time equivalents, a 32.2 percent increase over the Fall 2006 figure of 616.7.

Under Texas state law, the UNT Dallas campus will earn free-standing status and can become the University of North Texas at Dallas when student full-time equivalent enrollment exceeds 1,000. Reaching that milestone also will release additional state funding for further development of the campus.

Until the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board verifies enrollment numbers and makes them official later in the fall, all enrollment statistics are unofficial, 12th class day numbers.

UNT News Service Press Release
Rafael McDonnell can be reached at RMcDonnell@unt.edu.

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