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UNT Insider | September 2013 issue | State conservation groups fund UNT Quail research program

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State conservation groups fund UNT Quail research program

From a UNT News Service press release


Northern Bobwhite Quail

UNT Quail, an innovative program and laboratory working to preserve North Texas quail populations, has received more than $100,000 from Texas conservation organizations for research.

Chapters of the statewide Quail Coalition of Fort Worth, San Antonio, Wichita Falls and the Park Cities area of Dallas have contributed funding toward UNT Quail research in summer 2013.

"We are very excited to have support from Texas Quail Coalition chapters," says Kelly Reyna, executive director of UNT Quail. "Without their generous support, we wouldn't be able to do important conservation work for area Bobwhite Quail populations."

UNT Quail is working to link fragmented populations of Northern Bobwhite Quail to form large, sustainable populations across the North Texas Quail Corridor. More than 500,000 acres of quail habitat across 11 counties in North Texas make up the corridor.

"Quail have a lot of natural predators and threats," Reyna says. "By taking smaller, more vulnerable quail populations and linking them to form larger groups, quail populations become more resilient and are able to better withstand stressors, including heat, for example."

North Texas Quail Corridor

About UNT Quail
UNT Quail is an innovative game bird laboratory and program that fosters sustainable quail populations through innovative research, conservation and education. UNT Quail aims to create large corridors of habitat with sustainable populations of quail and other wildlife for generations to come. For more information on UNT Quail, visit the program's website.

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