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Dr. Norval Pohl Dear Alum,

Thank you to all who submitted advice to UNT's newest students last month. We had hundreds of postings linked from the university's home page the first week of school. It gave the students an inspiring start to the fall semester.

The Mean Green's huge win against Baylor University in pre-conference football kept the momentum of back-to-school spirit going. We had a record-breaking 29,437 screaming fans attend this home game.

The esprit de corps was contagious. And, this enthusiasm will carry us into Homecoming a Homecoming with a theme that you helped select with your votes, "Mean Green Back on the Scene." We're back, indeed. We're back with school spirit. We're alive with activity and growth.

Come back for Homecoming Oct. 17-18 and be a part of the excitement. Attend the groundbreaking for Sorority Row, take a tour of the Student Rec Center, feel at home at the Alumni Center open house and cheer for the Green and White as we play Utah State.

See you there,



September 2003


Ask Starman

New research program

The Best Western Colleges

Record enrollment

Tuition task force

UNT cool link of the month:
Virtual tour

A 50th anniversary


A universe pondered
The excitement of Mars' proximity to Earth has brought out the stargazer in me. I hope you, too, have admired its red glow in the evening sky. Thousands of people have done just that at the UNT Observatory, which is open to the public the first Saturday night of each month (more info here). Can't wait for the next free event? Click the link below and send Starman your astronomy queries.

Enhanced research capabilities
The Department of Behavior Analysis, one of UNT's pioneering programs, just received a multimillion-dollar bequest, worth between $2 million and $4 million. The Beatrice H. Barrett Endowment for Research in Neuro-Operant Relations will significantly increase UNT's research activity. The new research program will expand the understanding of the relationship between observable behavior and brain activity.

The Princeton Review
UNT appears in The Princeton Review's The Best Western Colleges first-edition guidebook of academically outstanding colleges. Students are increasingly attending universities near their homes, so The Princeton Review created regional guidebooks for the first time. Only 17 percent of the nation's 3,500 colleges made the lists.

New all-time high
New Mean Green Eagles are flocking to UNT in record numbers. Our student population has climbed above the 31,000-student milestone to bring the highest fall enrollment figures in UNT's history. Higher admission standards and a team effort in the areas of student recruitment and marketing have guided UNT to a seventh consecutive year of increased enrollment of high-quality students.

Commitment to affordability
It is UNT's goal to become the first Texas public university to give its students a firm commitment on the cost of college. A task force of students, faculty, administrators and alumni will study tuition options under the state's deregulated tuition law to determine how continuing students in the future can graduate without any change in tuition cost or with pre-determined limits.

Cool link:
UNT virtual tour
I hope you will visit UNT in person for Homecoming, but until then, check out our award-winning virtual campus tour. Choose a graphics-intensive, interactive and panoramic format or a traditional slide show format by clicking the link below. Then sit back and enjoy visiting the Willis Library courtyard, the Eagle Student Services Center, Crumley Hall and more of your favorite old haunts.

UNT Trivia

UNTrivia: What relationship does UNT have with the 50th anniversary of Swanson's TV Dinners?

a. Students have been eating TV dinners for the past half-century.
b. "Mean" Joe Greene was featured in an ad for Swanson's.
c. The founder of the TV dinner was a UNT alumnus.


North Texas Exes logo

Join the North Texas Exes for a Bonfire Social at the Radisson Hotel at 7 p.m. prior to the UNT Homecoming Bonfire lighting Friday Oct. 17, and then for "tailgating" at the new Alumni Center from 12:30 to 2:45 p.m. Oct. 18. For other important new developments with the North Texas Exes and ways to become more involved with the alumni association, please visit

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