Capital Projects Council Progress Report

August 2010óJanuary 2011

Chair: Rodney P. McClendon, Senior Vice President for Operations

Members: Warren Burggren, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Jean Bush, Acting Senior Associate Vice President for Finance; Charles Jackson, Acting Senior Associate Vice President for Administration; Vish Prasad, Vice President for Research and Economic Development; Elizabeth With, Vice President for Student Affairs

Ex-Officio Members: Donna Asher, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs; Helen Bailey, Director of Facilities Planning; Darlene Callahan, Director of Space Management and Planning

Council Charge: Develop a tracking process for all capital projects under way to assure effective completion in line with plans and budgets. Develop a priority list for future projects in line with strategic objectives.

The Presidentís Capital Projects Council (CPC) immediately reviewed its presidential charge by developing a mission statement with associated guidelines. The mission statement, which incorporates the presidential charge is two-pronged:

  • To further the university mission by collaborating with university units to develop strategic priorities for real property acquisitions, new construction, building additions, building renovations and maintenance projects
  • To track the progress of all capital projects underway to assure effective completion in line with plans and budgets

To date, CPC has advanced four initiatives. In three instances, once finalized, the initiatives will significantly facilitate the universityís ability to demonstrate inclusive, collaborative and strategic processes supporting the fulfillment of its mission. Those initiatives are as follows:

  • In collaboration with UNT System administrators, the CPC has developed a DRAFT process flowchart of capital projects exceeding $2 million. The proposed flowchart prescribes that CPC utilize a list of resources, including Space Needs Assessments, the Campus Master Plan, and User Group Needs/Interests to prioritize campus capital initiatives. Of special note, the flowchart proposes the dissolution of the Capital Projects Planning Committee, ensures university-wide participation in every phase of the capital process, and relies heavily on UNT/UNTS consultation and collaboration.
  • Consistent with the previous initiative, the CPC has developed a formal process by which UNTís divisional and departmental leaders can submit their requests for major projects. In light of limited resources, this new process will allow the university to make decisions on capital projects that are consistent with institutional priorities in a more objective fashion.
  • In collaboration with System administrators, the CPC has developed and submitted a DRAFT proposal to the Chancellor requesting the delegation of authority to UNT for the management of capital projects up to $2 million dollars. Currently, the delegation is limited to $100,000, and is subject to System consideration of delegation for projects exceeding $100,000.
  • Through a collaborative process, the CPC prioritized its two major capital projects for consideration for TRB funding in the 82nd Texas Legislature. Those two projects are a new Science and Technology Research Facility and a new building for the College of Visual Arts and Design.



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