President's Capital Projects Council Progress Report

January 2011 - August 2011

Chair: Andrew Harris, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Council Charge: Serve as a central review, planning, and development group that considers,
prioritizes, recommends and tracks all capital projects to assure effective completion in line with strategic objectives. Considers all requests for land use, building names, and projects impacting the same when not separately governed by university or System policies.

Since the last report, the CPC has tackled all four initiatives referenced in the previous report. These initiatives have significantly enhanced the university’s ability to engage in inclusive, collaborative and strategic capital planning. Additionally, the CPC is committed to operating in an open and transparent manner, as such, beginning with this fall semester the CPC will post the meeting minutes to this website, so our work can be shared. 

The initiatives are:

  • Finalized a process flowchart of capital projects exceeding $2 million. The internally approved process prescribes that the CPC utilize a list of resources, including:
  • Space Needs Assessments
  • Campus Master Plan
  • User Group Needs/Interests to prioritize campus capital initiatives

The process ensures cross-functional representation in every phase of the capital process, and fully integrates UNT and UNT System expertise through close collaboration.

  • Consistent with the previous initiative, the CPC implemented a formal process by which divisional and departmental leaders can submit their requests for major projects. This new process will allow the university to make decisions on capital projects that are consistent with institutional priorities in an objective fashion.
  • A user group comprised of both UNT and UNT System personnel is finalizing a proposal to the Chancellor that would raise authority to UNT for the management of capital projects up to $2 million. Once UNT completes this formal proposal it will be submitted for review and consideration. Absent this agreement the delegation remains capped at $100,000, and is subject to System consideration of delegation for projects exceeding $100,000.
  • Through a collaborative process, the CPC prioritized its two major capital projects for consideration for Tuition Revenue Bond funding in the 82nd Texas Legislative Session.  Those two projects were:
  • a new Science and Technology Research Facility
  • a new building for the College of Visual Arts Design

Although the Legislature did not offer TRBs during the last session, the UNT projects scored very high in the State’s rankings for consideration and that might bode well for future TRB sessions.

In addition to all of the significant initiatives begun since the last report, the CPC has continued its progress as follows:

  • Expanded the regular attendance roster to include invited guests from UNT System with special expertise in campus Master Planning, large project design and implementation, architectural acumen in addition to that in place at UNT, and capital planning trends.
  • Broadening our scope to pull in consideration of land use, building names, and other projects not technically of a capital nature but that physically impact the campus.
  • Creating and operationalizing a "Sustainability Sub-council" to most effectively integrate the varied and valuable practices underway at UNT in all of our building projects.
  • Preparing and considering a capital project priority list to guide development efforts in the short, medium and long term as funding permits.


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