President's Capital Projects Council Progress Report

September 2011 - May 2012

Archived Capital Projects Council Progress Reports

January 2011-August 2011 Progress Report (.pdf)

August 2010-January 2011 Progress Report (.pdf)

Chair: Andrew Harris, Vice President for Finance and Administration

Council Charge: Serve as a central review, planning and development group that considers, prioritizes, recommends and tracks all capital projects to assure effective completion in line with strategic objectives. Considers all requests for land use, building names, and projects impacting the same when not separately governed by university or UNT System policies.

Since the last report, the CPC has made significant progress on all of the planned initiatives detailed in the previous report. These efforts have built confidence in our campus community’s ability to engage in inclusive, collaborative and strategic capital planning. As promised in the last report, the minutes from CPC meetings are routinely posted to this website, and you can read the meeting minutes any time.

Specifically, the CPC has:

  • Formally expanded the regular attendance roster to include invited guests from the UNT System with special expertise in campus master planning, large project design and implementation, architectural acumen in addition to that in place at UNT, and capital planning trends
  • Broadened our scope to also consider land use, building names and other projects not technically of a capital nature but that physically impact the campus. The CPC now routinely hears recommendations for building names and is active in considering a variety of land use ideas.
  • Proactively engaged leadership from UNT’s Office of Sustainability to review the Climate Action Plan and provided a regular venue for related topics to be considered
  • Prepared and adopted a capital project priority list to guide development efforts in the short, medium and long term as funding permits. This ranked and prioritized list does not constrain UNT's development efforts, rather it provides a ready roadmap of what lies ahead based on a variety of legislative, financial and campus-based variables.

In the next six months the CPC will:

  • Guide and contribute to the update of the university’s master plan
  • Provide council oversight and guidance in the conduct of a thorough campus space assessment
  • Finalize proposals for inclusion in UNT's Legislative Appropriations Request in advance of the next legislative session, which starts in January 2013. As was the case in the last session, a Science and Technology Research Building and new College of Visual Arts and Design building remain the top research and academic priorities for consideration should Tuition Revenue Bonds (TRBs) be authorized.



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