Finance Council Progress Report

August 2010óJanuary 2011

Chairs: V. Lane Rawlins, President; Jean Bush, Acting Senior Associate Vice President for Finance

Members: Warren Burggren, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Rodney McClendon, Senior Vice President for Operations; Vish Prasad, Vice President for Research and Economic Development; Elizabeth With, Vice President for Student Affairs

Ex-Officio Member(s): Donna Asher, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs

The charge of the Presidentís Finance Council (PFC) is to review the university's needs, establish budget priorities and make allocations. The council will develop strategies for maximizing and utilizing revenues and consider matters that will impact future budgets, including tuition and fee recommendations, major property and other transactions, and policy and other matters. The council held its first working meeting in August 2010, moving to a bi-weekly meeting cycle beginning in October and continuing through the end of the 82nd Legislative session (May 2011).

The councilís immediate tasks were to review additional funds available in FY2011 from greater than expected enrollment growth and to consider the impact of possible additional state budget reductions in FY2011 and almost certain additional reductions in FYs 2012-2013. The councilís first official act was to recommend an immediate (modified) hiring freeze, the savings from which would be pledged cover additional FY2011 cuts.

The PFC has focused on consideration of one-time and ongoing financial needs defined by the various presidentís councils and/or the annual budget process. All requests are required to be linked to the UNT strategic plan. The strategic needs and initiatives requested to date include the following:

  • Athletics: Football coaching staff changes; gear-up for opening of stadium fall 2011
  • Enrollment Council: Graduate recruiter, merit Ėbased scholarships, undergraduate recruiters/advisors, prospective veterans marketing campaign, Emerald Eagle scholarships
  • Public Relations & Image Council: Development and execution of brand platform redevelopment and related image-building campaigns, stadium marketing, branding seminar, Athletic Department ticket office personnel
  • Institutional needs: Honors College funding, Gallup initiative service charges (5 years), iStrategy annual maintenance, faculty-staff benefits increases, North Texas region community engagement, hotel feasibility study, development system, and summer academic program incentives
  • Annual budget process: 2.5% additional GR reduction in FY2011, FY2012 budget submissions from individual units will be considered in late February. Budget submissions will include 5% reductions and up to 5% new initiative requests. Submissions must describe specific impact to strategic goals and objectives.

Tuition and Fees (FY2012): The presidentís finance council has recommended that UNT seek UNT System Board of Regents approval for additional increases to tuition and fees (total academic cost) in the fall 2011. The tuition and fee increases are needed in order to close some of the distance between UNT and the emerging research universities. This increase also will be used to support UNTís strategic plan which provides for more rapid growth, emphasis on higher-cost disciplines, our desire to extend the university and the student experience into the community, and finally, to support our vision of UNT as a nationally known and regionally influenced university of more than 45,000 students by 2016.



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