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Faculty portraits

Dedicated faculty members of the University of North Texas System institutions are contributing to the system's stature as a premier educational, intellectual, research and cultural resource for the North Texas region. The faculty members pictured here are a few among hundreds who have made significant advancements in research, scholarship and the arts.

Manuel BayonaManuel Bayona, M.D., Ph.D.
UNT Health Science Center associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics and director of the Center for International Health and Tropical Diseases
Researching infectious diseases

Bayona currently focuses on tuberculosis and other infectious diseases as they affect underserved populations in Texas.


Nandika Anne D'SouzaNandika Anne D'Souza, Ph.D.
UNT associate professor of materials science
Increasing the lifetime of materials

D'Souza's research on single- and multicomponent polymers may result in more reliable products with longer lifetimes. She is focusing on the use of carbon nanotubes and plate-shaped and caged nanoparticles in gas- and water-impermeable flexible computer displays, scientific balloons and food packaging.

Ted FarrisTed Farris, Ph.D.
UNT assistant professor of marketing and logistics
Providing an economic forecast for the Dallas-Fort Worth region

Farris focuses on the beginning of the supply chain by surveying purchasing professionals to create a monthly forecast of the North Texas economy. His work is closely followed by the Federal Reserve and printed by numerous business publications.


Elizabeth FigaElizabeth Figa, Ph.D.
UNT assistant professor of library and information sciences
Studying folklore and the ethnography of storytelling

Figa is developing the Digital Storytelling Gallery Project, a virtual reality-based technology, to preserve live storytelling performances. She is researching metadata development and artificial intelligence applications for digital storytelling.


Susan FranksSusan Franks, Ph.D.
UNT Health Science Center assistant professor of family medicine, clinical health psychologist and chief of the Division of Health Psychology
Studying disease management

Franks studies psychosocial, cultural and environmental determinants of health and disease, particularly as they relate to management of chronic diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes.


Janon FuchsJanon Fuchs, Ph.D.
UNT professor of biological sciences
Helping balance brain chemistry

Fuchs' studies on the neurochemistry of developing brains are resulting in a clearer understanding of how an unborn baby's brain is changed by drugs such as anti-anxiety medication, alcohol and anesthetics. Her research may also have a role in helping people with epilepsy.


Bharath M. JosiamBharath M. Josiam, Ph.D.
UNT assistant professor of merchandising and hospitality management
Understanding tourists ' spending habits

Josiam is conducting an interdisciplinary study to understand why people are more likely to buy products for fun on vacation when the same stores and products are available near their homes.


Teresa MarreroTeresa Marrero, Ph.D.
UNT assistant professor of foreign languages and literatures
Researching Hispanic theatre and dance

A specialist in Hispanic cultural activity in the United States, Marrero is the co-editor of Out of the Fringe: Contemporary Latina/Latino Theatre and Performance. She is also researching a new book, Salsa! Dancing, Race and Gender in Public Spaces.


Michael MonticinoMichael Monticino, Ph.D.
UNT associate professor of mathematics
Applying mathematics to make better decisions

Monticino's research includes developing mathematical models of optimal decision making amid uncertainty — for example, when to buy stock or how to allocate scarce resources. He has applied his expertise to help organizations such as IBM, the U.S. Navy and FEMA.


Joseph Butch RovanJoseph Butch Rovan, Ph.D.
UNT assistant professor of music and director of the Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia
Composing music for the future

Rovan focuses on computer music and the potential of human gesture in musical performance. He designs software and hardware capable of harnessing gestures to control sound and video.


Rudy Ray SewardRudy Ray Seward, Ph.D.
Professor of sociology
Researching marriage and the family

Seward examines the effect of government legislation on families and, in particular, legislation allowing fathers to take leave from work after the birth of a child. He has studied Irish fathers' participation in child care as well as family leave in Sweden and the United States.


Angela K. WilsonAngela K. Wilson, Ph.D.
UNT assistant professor of chemistry
Developing methodology

Wilson develops computational chemistry approaches used to describe the physical properties of molecules. Simulating chemical reactions numerically by computer, she develops highly accurate methods used in the study of atmospheric processes and in improving the accuracy with which scientists can study biological systems.


Albert O-YurvatiAlbert O-Yurvati, D.O.
UNT Health Science Center assistant professor of surgery
Advancing cardiac surgery

A cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon, Yurvati has been part of several breakthroughs in cardiac surgery, from a technique that filters poisons from the blood when a patient is on a heart lung machine to use of a naturally occurring substance, pyruvate, to improve heart function in patients who went into cardiac arrest during surgery.
































































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