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University of North Texas Resource Magazine online

Research, Scholarship & the Arts at the University of North Texas

President's note

Research is uniquely humble and human. It does not declare one thing better than another — it merely analyzes and describes what it finds. However, research also is powerful and exciting because it is never content to define and conclude. It is always seeking new knowledge and, at the same time, it is challenging, redefining, revising and expanding what is known and accepted.

President Norval PohlHumble and nonjudgmental, yet ambitious and curious — research is the foremost human enterprise to combine this varied cluster of attributes.

Today, universities are involved in many of the best and most exciting research projects.

At the University of North Texas, research is a part of our mission. In fact, we are constantly engaged in the not-so-simple search for understanding.

I am pleased to share with you this issue of Resource magazine. It illustrates UNT's view that research strengthens teaching and learning. Our students, both undergraduate and graduate, work alongside faculty participating in relevant and far-reaching research projects. They share in the excitement of discovery, the success of application and the opportunity to publish in
peer-reviewed journals. These UNT students are the next generation of knowledge seekers and innovators, who will contribute to great discoveries, lead organizations and continue to improve research and teaching methodologies.

As you read through Resource, I hope its articles, news briefs and profiles will lead you to a new appreciation of UNT's diverse and high-quality academic scholarship, which will always be at the core of our research mission and our standing as a university.




Norval F. Pohl, Ph.D.
University of North Texas