Ancient Travelers
Archaeologist Reid Ferring journeys
to the Republic of Georgia and
makes an evolutionary discovery.

By Roddy Wolper and Cathy Comer

The Art and Science of Music
Technology and imagination converge
in the timely compositions of
Cindy McTee

By Kelley Reese

Water Wisdom
UNT's environmental scientists work
to improve the quality and availability
of our water resources.

By James Naples

Advanced Research
The Laboratory for Electronic Materials
and Devices sends UNT materials
research to new levels.

By James Naples

Diagnosis by Computer
The Clinical Digital Library provides just
what the doctor ordered reliable
medical information online.

By Rufus Coleman

Flower Power
Kent Chapman's newfound use for an old
 compound may signal good news for
the cut flower industry.

By Nancy Kolsti

About UNT

The University of North Texas is the leading university in the North Texas region a premier educational, intellectual, research and cultural resource for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

UNT serves people in nearly every county in Texas, but it is focused primarily on serving the residents of the 129 municipalities in the 12 North Texas counties that comprise the Dallas-Fort Worth consolidated metropolitan statistical area.

UNT is the state's fourth-largest university and enrolls more students than any other university in the Metroplex. The university's fall 1999 enrollment of 26,493 students is expected to grow to well beyond 27,000 in fall 2000. Graduate students comprise 25 percent of the enrollment. UNT's Toulouse School of Graduate Studies is one of the top three graduate schools in size in Texas and neighboring states.

UNT offers more undergraduate and graduate degree programs than any other Metroplex university 96 bachelor's, 126 master's and 47 doctoral degree programs. UNT also is leading the way among Metroplex universities with more graduate students enrolled, more distance learning classes and the largest university library system in the region.

UNT is classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as a Doctoral/Research University Extensive. This classification includes America's outstanding educational institutions and only five other Texas public universities. All institutions included in this category award 50 or more doctoral degrees per year in at least 15 academic disciplines.


The 2000 Issue Cover Story

The Surface Science System in UNT's new Laboratory for Electronic Materials and Devices is one of three components that will enable researchers to create new materials for use in advanced electronic applications. The SSS examines the surface of the materials atom by atom.


Chancellor's Note
The leading university.

News Briefs
Reports of research on
campus from emu eggs to friendly viruses

Alumni Spotlight
Three graduates who are helping to improve the environment and our health

Federal, state and private sponsors of UNT research

Faculty Books
Recent publications by UNT authors and the UNT Press

Faculty Portraits
Dedicated researchers making a difference

Research and Service
Campus centers, institutes, clinics, laboratories and academies

End Note

A mission and a vision

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