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UNT System: Resource magazine >> Chancellor's Note

Resource magazine debuted in this compelling new format last fall. Initially, our primary goal in revitalizing the publication was to showcase the scholars, students and programs that portray the commitment to research of the University of North Texas, the Dallas-Fort Worth region's largest and most comprehensive institution.
    Now in 2001, we expand the scope of Resource to include coverage of research throughout the newly established University of North Texas System, the only university system fully located in the North Texas region. Our system has numerous nationally known and regional programs on its campuses, and our priorities include striving to increase that number and making a contribution to the economic development and cultural vitality of the dynamic North Texas region. A growing result of these emphases on economic development and physical health is our stepped-up research in science and technology.
    With nearly 50 doctoral programs, and more on the horizon, research must be an essential part of the UNT System's mission. Of course, and very importantly, in addition to the already noted contributions to research, this work helps students develop into thoughtful leaders and accomplished professionals in their fields.
    The immediate change you will find in this issue is that nationally and internationally significant research and outstanding researchers at the UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth are now featured alongside cutting-edge scholars and programs at the university. The issue features two cardiovascular research projects (one at UNT and one at the Health Science Center), ongoing Alzheimer's research, innovative applications for newly developed polymers, economic research and, as a reminder of the exceptionally strong liberal arts foundation of UNT, new insights into French Renaissance literature.
    As you read through this Resource, we hope the articles, news briefs and faculty profiles will lead you to a new appreciation of the diverse, high-quality scholarship in the UNT System.


Alfred F. Hurley, Ph.D.
Chancellor, UNT System

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