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NOTE: Please read the FAQ thoroughly before contacting our office.
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The RSS group offers support for all your research needs using whatever means we have available.  Although our group currently comprises personnel with a social science background, techniques are not specific to a single discipline and we have supported faculty, staff and students from many domains of research from simple requests regarding descriptive measures to structural equation models and Bayesian methods.  Note however, that we do not have the time/resources to teach the basics of statistical analysis, and so we do assume you have at least introductory statistics knowledge, which of course would be necessary to do any sort of research project to begin with.  If you would like to get a sense of our perspective on statistics, follow this link.

Requesting services from RSS personnel:

While answers to most questions people have regarding our services can be found at the FAQ page, if a question you have is not answered there or anywhere else on the site, feel free to contact us (emails below).  If after reading the FAQ and reviewing our web pages you want to make an appointment, request specific software, or ask a specific question; click the specific link below which best fits your need.

Please note: responses to your request may take up to 48 hours.

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