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CLASS: Cultural diversity; Learning; Access; Services ... Salary: links to Platform Points page

Should I be elected, I would bring to the American Library Association (ALA), its members, and its stakeholders my deep passion for the library field and my experiences in education and library administration.

Thirty-five years of experience as a leader has not only allowed me  insight into ALA's challenges, but also allowed me time to develop close associations with the incredibly talented members of ALA. Both the insight and the associations provide me with the necessary preparation to respond effectively to ALA's opportunities in the 21st century.

-- Herman Totten


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Angela Washington-Blair getting ready to receive her PhD

Dr. Totten escorts Angela Washington-Blair, who is shown above getting ready to receive her PhD.

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Totten is shown greeting members at the 2002 Texas Library Association Convention in Dallas.Herman Totten, an experienced leader in the information field for 35+ years,  is Immediate Past President of the Texas Library Association, the largest state library association in the U.S.

Totten is pictured presiding over the Texas Library Association Council.A highly skilled parliamentarian,  Totten approaches the complex, oftentimes controversial agenda with confidence.

Totten holds and admires his Melvil Dewey Medal awarded by the American Library Association in 2001.Totten admires his Melvil Dewey Medal, awarded by ALA in 2001 for creative professional leadership.

Totten encourages University of Washington Information School graduates during the 2001 Summer Commencement.Totten  motivates graduates to "Go Forth Inspired With a New Attitude" at the University of Washington Information School 2001 Spring Commencement.
Totten explains library management concepts to a student, Angelica Blum.Totten, a magnetic teacher, received a grant this year to create the first ALA accredited Online Library Management Certificate Program for library workers anywhere in the world to earn the certificate while they continue working.

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