Using HELP!!

Help is accessed by selecting Help from the menu bar. This is done either with the mouse (point and click) or using the ALT + H key from the keyboard. Once Help is selected, several options appear in the menu:

Microsoft Excel Help (F1) Office Assistant provides the ability to search for specific topics or select from options.
Contents and Index The Contents section provides a series of mini topics from which to choose. Presented in "Chapter" form, you click on the topic of interest, and a list of associated pages or additional chapters will appear to choose from, until you read the article of interest. You can print any of the articles by choosing OPTIONS, PRINT TOPIC.

The Index shows a comprehensive list of topics by key word. Search based on the key word and lists of articles about this function will appear to choose from.

What’s This When you choose "What's This", the pointer changes to a pointer with a question mark. Point and click at the function you want to know more about and a text box will appear with a description..
Microsoft on the Web Addresses to the World Wide Web for Excel Information.

Lotus 1-2-3 Help Additional Help for Lotus Users.
About Microsoft Excel About Microsoft Excel has information as to the version of Excel you are using, and additional system information.

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