UNT offers additional parking space options

Sept. 4, 2015

     As UNT moves into the third week of classes, we recognize that parking and transportation is a concern to many students. To assist students with parking, UNT Parking & Transportation will open a new lot to commuters starting Tuesday, Sept. 8. We would also like to remind you of another parking lot that opened this semester. These two lots add to your parking solutions by providing roughly 750 additional spaces. Please see the map for lot locations.

     Lot 85, located east of Victory Hall (1379 S. Bonnie Brae), opened this semester to G permit holders. The lot, available for daytime use only, has 600 spaces. Over the past two weeks only a few students have used the lot, resulting in many open spaces. The Eagle Point shuttle (http://www.unt.edu/transit/routes/eaglepoint.html) provides transportation to campus and stops on the south side of Victory Hall. Find the route times at http://www.unt.edu/transit/routes/eaglepoint.pdf. The pedestrian bridge on the north side of Apogee remains open for those who wish to walk or bike to campus.

     The new parking lot, Lot 34, at 1500 Interstate 35, one block south of the Sullivant Public Safety Center, will be designated a G permit lot and provide 150 spaces. Transportation from Lot 34 includes the Mean Green shuttle (http://www.unt.edu/transit/routes/meangreen.html) and North Texan shuttle (http://www.unt.edu/transit/routes/northtexan.html), which stop on Eagle Drive next to Honors Hall.

     Thank you for your patience. UNT encourages you to plan ahead for parking by investigating multiple parking options for your class days, arriving early to campus and always keeping an eye out for pedestrians and other drivers. Please note that Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. are the busiest days on campus. Please call Parking and Transportation at 940-565-3020, if you have questions.

UNT Parking and Transportation continuously seeks to address parking and transportation issues on campus. The department encourages you to participate in a Parking and Transportation Master Plan study, which will guide the department for the next 10 years. A customer survey is under way, as is a space utilization study. You can take the customer survey online here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/UNTmoves.  


New changes for 2015-2016

Posted 8/4/2015

New for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

Click here to view the complete 2015-2016 Parking Rules and Regulations.


Highland Street Traffic Changes

1.  Bicyclist on public roadways are required to obey appropriate traffic laws.

2. The removal of parking on Highland Street is consistent with the 2013 UNT Master Plan, as well as, its predecessor.

3. The striping plan for the street was negotiated between UNT System, UNT, and the City of Denton and is consistent with the “Texas Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices” published by TXDOT.
4. The TX MUTCD is patterned after the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices” published by the Federal Highway Administration.

5. The longitudinal double yellow lines on the north side of Highland Street were placed consistent with the manual when creating “opposing” traffic.  In this case the bike lane traveling in the “opposite” direction.

6. UNT Police enforce traffic regulations with respect to bicycling on streets as time permits with the staff and resources available.

The prior situation with a wide street, excess parking, and heavy pedestrian traffic was a serious safety issue.  The new striping pattern, removal of parking, and bike lanes are intended to improve both access and safety based upon the best recommendations of the planning and traffic engineering folks involved.  Visibility for vehicle operators, pedestrians, and bicyclists has been enhanced significantly. 

We will continue to monitor compliance with the changes, take appropriate enforcement action, and evaluate the compliance and enforcement data to make sure the changes are achieving the desired outcomes with respect to movement, access, and safety.


For more information, please contact Parking and Transportation Services at parking.services@unt.edu or call 940-565-3020.


University Union Construction Update

Posted 09/26/2013

Administrative Announcement:

Services are continuing to relocate and final preparations are taking place ahead of the closure of the University Union.

Click here for a map of the construction area.

The University Union is expected to be fully closed by the end of October. Construction gates around the University Union, which are currently open for pedestrian traffic, will close for good Oct. 7 (Monday). See below for a map of gate locations and designated safe walking areas to navigate around the construction site after gates are closed. The map also can be viewed online.

Green Mountain Coffee, located on the second floor of the University Union, will close today, Sept. 26 (Thursday). Plans are in progress to reopen Green Mountain Coffee in a new location on campus in the future.

A UPS box drop-off kiosk formerly located on Union Circle near Sage Hall has been moved in front of the main entrance to the Stovall Temporary Union Building. A FedEx drop-off kiosk also formerly located on Union Circle near Sage Hall will not be relocated. FedEx and UPS packages can be dropped off at the Eagle Express mail center in Stovall Hall.

A U.S. Postal Service self-serve kiosk has been installed at the Eagle Express mail center in Stovall Hall. The kiosk is located behind the information desk, and will be open for customers in early October. Customers can purchase stamps and drop off mail and packages for processing at the kiosk.

ATM machines located on the first floor of the University Union, near the former Campus Chat, are being relocated. Bank of America and Chase Bank ATM machines have been moved to Stovall Hall. The Wells Fargo ATM formerly located on the third floor of the University Union also is located in Stovall Hall. A second Wells Fargo ATM will be installed in Sage Hall in mid-October.

Bike repair stations located at the University Union will be relocated to the west side of Stovall Hall next week.

For more information on the new University Union including a construction timeline and relocation information about services formerly in the Union, visit http://union.unt.edu.

Click here for a map of the construction area.