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President's Note

Students in the construction engineering technology program

Gretchen M. Bataille is the 14th president in the 116-year history of the University of North Texas. Before joining UNT in August, Bataille served as the senior vice president for academic affairs at the 16-campus University of North Carolina System.

At the University of North Texas, our faculty and students are engaged in innovative research and creative activities that consistently break new ground and lead to people living better lives. Through our engagement of undergraduate and graduate students in the research process, we are developing tomorrow's leaders by providing hands-on training that enables them to become lifelong learners and critical thinkers.

Scholarship at our campus is broad based and far reaching, incorporating research in the humanities, social sciences and the arts, as well as what most of us think of as laboratory research in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics.

We are conducting exciting, groundbreaking work on our campus. UNT is home to the world's leading graduate program in environmental ethics. More than 20 years ago, the university began a military history seminar that today is recognized nationwide as the pre-eminent gathering of top scholars in the field. This fall, our School of Visual Arts hosted the prestigious Arts of Fashion 2006, allowing our students to learn from internationally renowned fashion experts from Paris and beyond during a week of master classes and seminars.

Our institution also has a combination of high-powered microscopes not available at any other public university in the nation. The three instruments can be used separately or together by engineers creating stronger materials, smaller devices and personalized medical applications. Within this magazine, you will learn about many other important contributions to the advancement of knowledge and the improvement of society made by UNT scholars.

UNT is solidifying its reputation as a student-centered public research university with a national and international presence. Our momentum is carrying us toward a bright future.

Gretchen M. Bataille - Signature

Gretchen M. Bataille

More Features

Geographer Harry Williams who studies sediments to uncover the patterns of ancient tsunamis

Core Studies

Coastal sediments reveal ancient tsunamis and hurricane storm surges.
- By Sara LaJeunesse

PATHS supports a health science club that introduces students to professionals in health care.

Health Science Careers

PATHS project creates interest in health fields for Hispanic students.
- By Cass Bruton

A new array of high-powered microscopes at the University of North Texas affords researchers a combination of tools nearly unique in the world.

High-Powered Combination

Few places on the planet have the lineup of microscopes available at UNT.
By James Naples

Cover Story - How much energy does it take to break apart a molecule?

Predicting Energies

UNT scientists reach the Holy Grail of computational chemistry.
- By Sally Bell

Eileen M. Hayes explores race, politics, popular culture, African American music and gender theories in the context of women-only music festivals in the United States.

In Cultural Context

Ethnomusicology research covers women's music festivals and African healing practices.
- By Cass Bruton

About 1,300 of 8,000 original works missing from the Iraqi Museum of Modern 
			Art in Baghdad have been retrieved and are being stored.

Lost Treasures

An art historian's quest for missing Iraqi art will help preserve a culture.
- By Ellen Rossetti

Edward Dzialowski's work may help explain how smoking or 
			certain drugs affect a developing human fetus.

Modeling Human Development

Zebrafish and chicken embryos shed light on hemophilia and heart defects.
- By Kim MacQueen

As a TAMS student at UNT, Desh Mohan placed fourth among the 
			individual finalists in the 2005 Siemens Westinghouse Competition in Math, Science and Technology.

Oxygen Deprivation

Student's award-winning research with nematodes may help treat cell damage.
- By Nancy Kolsti


President's Note

Research at UNT is student centered, broad based and far reaching.

News Briefs

UNT research ranges from brain tracking to eye tracking, RFID to VoIP, early college high schools to early music.

Student Researchers

Student research includes quantum mechanics, mathematical modeling, computer programming and linguistic profiling.

Alumni Researchers

Cultural health beliefs, computational perception of motion, space station hardware and genetics occupy these former UNT students.

Faculty Books

UNT authors write on emergency management, multiphase flows, structural equation modeling and entrepreneurship.

End Note

Miguel Acevedo's research makes environmental issues clear.