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End Note

Vish Prasad

Photo by: Jonathan Reynolds

I hope you were inspired by this glimpse into the important research and creative activities conducted by the dedicated, outstanding faculty members and bright students at the University of North Texas.

The depth and breadth of our research illustrates UNT's commitment to the pursuit of understanding — a pursuit that UNT researchers conduct with the goal of advancing the greater good and improving our communities, our nation and our world.

The work we do is focused and far reaching, yet always relevant as we pursue inventive collaborations to address the needs of today and tomorrow while building a broader knowledge base.

By reaching across disciplines — combining the power of understanding through math, engineering and the sciences with the vision inherent in the humanities and arts — UNT discovers new knowledge and develops new opportunities for further exploration and advancement.

An early example of this collaboration is our new Teach North Texas initiative that encourages students majoring in math, science and computer science to earn teacher certification. Faculty in our College of Arts and Sciences are partnering with faculty in the College of Education to ensure that these students — tomorrow's teachers — will be grounded in an understanding of their discipline as well as cutting-edge pedagogic techniques. This important work is funded by $2.4 million in grants, including the second-largest grant ever issued by the Greater Texas Foundation.

Already this fiscal year, faculty at UNT have secured 50 percent more funding than during the first half of fiscal year 2007. In addition, several UNT faculty members received NSF CAREER and Air Force Young Investigator awards as well as support from Yahoo, Google and other prestigious agencies, foundations and corporations.

As we implement our strategy for growing Discovery Park, our 285-acre research park, our partnerships with industry will expand, and our students - both undergraduate and graduate - will have more opportunity than ever before to discover the power of ideas.

Vish Prasad

Vish Prasad
Vice President for Research and Economic Development


President's Note

Exploration of ideas provides the foundation for a bold research agenda.

News Briefs

New leaders set a new course, and awards and grants help develop materials, save endangered languages, protect the environment.

New Faculty

Researchers bring work in accounting, photography, plant pathology and thermal-fluid sciences to UNT.

Student Researchers

Student research covers medical physics, human rights, computational chemistry, music education, ethics.

Faculty Books

UNT authors write about higher education, cost control, police patrol, copyright law.

End Note

Interdisciplinary collaborations advance the greater good.

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