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Intersections: Race, Gender, Organizational Culture and Leadership in Higher Education

(Stylus Publishing)

Intersections: Race, Gender, Organizational Culture and Leadership in Higher Education

Consuella Lewis, assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh, and V. Barbara Bush, assistant professor of higher education, editors

African American women chief executives of U.S. colleges and universities are numerically under-represented and highly visible. Using personal narratives, new qualitative and quantitative research and theory, the book's contributors explore how factors such as race, gender, organizational culture and leadership intersect on college and university campuses to create an environment that can either support or hinder the progress of African American women.

In addition to serving as co-editor, Bush contributes "When Cultures Meet: African American Women Presidents of Predominantly White, Four-Year Colleges and Universities."

Food and Beverage Cost Control, fourth edition


Food and Beverage Cost Control, fourth edition

Lea R. Dopson, associate professor and chair of hospitality management; David K. Hayes, managing owner of the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center in Lansing, Mich.; and the late Jack E. Miller, who was Professor Emeritus and past chair of the hotel, restaurant, chef's apprentice and tourism program at St. Louis Community College

Providing a practical approach to cost control for working food service managers and students, this edition addresses cultural, legal and technological questions about managing food service costs in a global setting.

Highlights include a look at international food service cost control in the age of globalization, with a special emphasis on using advanced technologies internationally. The book's exercises focus on the applications of topics and concepts to real-world industry scenarios. A bonus CD features manager-developed spreadsheets.

American Culture in the 1940s

(Edinburgh University Press)

American Culture in the 1940s

Jacqueline Foertsch, assistant professor of English

Part of the Twentieth Century American Culture series, this book explores fiction and nonfiction, music and radio, film and theater, and serious and popular visual arts in 1940s America.

Observing the decade as a whole, Foertsch points out the comparable features of wartime and the immediate post-war period in the United States. She includes case studies featuring key texts, genres, writers, artists and cultural trends; a detailed chronology of 1940s American culture; and bibliographies for each chapter.

Police Patrol Allocation and Deployment

(Prentice Hall)

Police Patrol Allocation and Deployment

Eric J. Fritsch, associate professor of criminal justice; John Liederbach, associate professor of criminal justice at Bowling Green State University; and Robert W. Taylor, professor and chair of criminal justice

Bringing together issues of patrol allocation and deployment in a single source, the authors discuss the complexities and factors that affect decision-making in this area. They provide a historical assessment of patrol allocation and deployment and cover central issues in the day-to-day management of police agencies and personnel.

Topics include deployment through scheduling, modern tactical deployment approaches and the evolution of operational deployment strategies.

Health-Seeking Behavior in Ethnic Populations

(Edwin Mellen Press)

Health-Seeking Behavior in Ethnic Populations

Tyson Gibbs, associate professor of anthropology, and Sue Gena Lurie, assistant professor in social and behavioral sciences in the School of Public Health at the UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth, editors

The articles in this book bring together the concepts of ethnicity and health-seeking behavior, focusing on ways in which individuals and cultures seek health care and providing a framework for observing how people respond to ill health around the world.

Gibbs wrote a chapter on the health-seeking behaviors of African Americans. Other UNT contributions include a foreword by Erma Lawson, associate professor of sociology, and articles from Doug Henry and Lisa Henry, assistant professors of anthropology, on the health-seeking behaviors of Nigerian Americans and Native Hawaiians. The book also covers the health-seeking behaviors of Mexican Americans, Arab Americans, Southeast Asian refugees, populations in Namibia and India, and affluent Americans, among other groups.

Inside John Haynie's Studio: A Master Teacher's Lessons on Trumpet and Life

(UNT Press)

Inside John Haynie's Studio: A Master Teacher's Lessons on Trumpet and Life

John Haynie, Professor Emeritus of music, compiled and edited by Anne Hardin

Haynie — who was one of the first full-time single-instrument wind faculty members at a U.S. university when he was hired by North Texas in 1950 — taught some of the university's most successful musician graduates during his 40-year career, including Keith Johnson and Marvin Stamm.

In addition to trumpet lessons on such subjects as embouchure, breathing, fingering, musicianship, intonation, equipment, habits and mental discipline, his book includes an autobiographical section and his thoughts on fly-fishing and golf.

Encyclopedia of American Jewish History


Encyclopedia of American Jewish History

Stephen H. Norwood, professor of history at the University of Oklahoma, and Eunice G. Pollack, lecturer in history, editors

This two-volume encyclopedia is the first reference work that examines all aspects of the American Jewish experience in depth. Written by 125 prominent scholars in American Jewish history, the articles cover more than three and a half centuries of the impact of Jewish immigrants and their descendants on American society and culture.

Topics include contributions of Jewish Americans to academia, the arts, politics, the sciences, music and popular culture in general, with such articles as "Jews and Rock 'n' Roll," "Jews and Hollywood," "Jews and Television," "Jews and Feminism" and "Jews and Sports."

The books feature maps of places of origin, points of embarkation, Holocaust death camps and transport routes, as well as more than 125 photographs of prominent individuals, neighborhoods, demonstrations and rituals.

Modern Arab Art: Formation of Arab Aesthetics

(University Press of Florida)

Modern Arab Art: Formation of Arab Aesthetics

Nada M. Shabout, assistant professor of visual arts and design

Modern Arab Art provides a historical and theoretical overview of Arab art since the 1940s. The work is based on extensive interviews with Arab artists, reviews of Arabic resources and visits to numerous sites and galleries in the Arab world.

Shabout investigates questions of colonialism, Orientalism, class and the duality of tradition and modernity and analyzes the use of the Arabic letter, a major trend in modern Arab art.

Copyright for Administrators

(Linworth Publishing Co.)

Copyright for Administrators

Carol Simpson, associate professor of library and information sciences

This concise reference guide includes information that school administrators need to know to be in compliance with copyright law.

Addressing copyright holders' rights regarding reproduction, adaptation, distribution, public performance and public display, the book features tips for managing the teachers, students and fellow administrators who will be expected to comply with copyright laws. Resources covered include print, video, audio and Internet materials, as well as computer software.

Simpson, who has published extensively in the field of copyright law and schools, serves as a consulting editor for Linworth Books.


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