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Vish Prasad

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As a comprehensive, student-focused university with a more than 120-year history, the University of North Texas is expanding its breadth in research activity.

I hope this publication, which showcases only a portion of the important research and creative activities that UNT's faculty are pursuing, shows just how much UNT is doing to push the boundaries of discovery in pursuit of understanding.

Three years ago, the university committed to investing in key areas of research that would bolster its existing faculty excellence. Since then, we've hired many new talented faculty members in an array of disciplines. We're particularly proud that 12 new senior researchers, who are widely respected as among the best in their fields, have joined our research clusters.

And, over the last three years, our competitive research funding has grown by more than 62 percent. We also have invested heavily in research support and have opened many important new research facilities. This new infrastructure ranges from a new building dedicated to life science research and a powerful supercomputer to new labs for sleep studies and kinesiology research as well as a completely renovated concert hall. Our investment continues this year with construction of a facility that includes a clean room. Read more about our research infrastructure advances.

This fall, UNT has committed to continue growing its research faculty by investing in four new collaborative research clusters in addition to expanding the scope of two of its existing seven clusters. The university also will seek to hire new faculty in five additional strategic areas to expand the university's expertise in key science, technology and engineering areas.

And while these investments will translate into solutions for real-world issues through new technologies, at UNT we also are ensuring that they translate into hands-on opportunities for our students.
Vish Prasad

Vish Prasad
Vice President for Research and Economic Development


President's Note

World-class research and education


Newest cutting-edge research facilities


NSF CAREER award, Powe award, Fulbrights

News Briefs

NASA robots, emergency response, peace studies

Faculty Researchers

Experts in jazz, environmental ethics, information science, computational chemistry, education

Student Researchers

Studying heart defects, 3-D learning, cancer treatments, homelessness, aviation safety

Faculty Books

Architecture, radio, the Middle East

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Expanding research activity

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