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President's Note

Gretchen M. Bataille

Neal Smatresk is the 16th president in the 124-year history of the University of North Texas. He joined the university in February 2014.

I'm proud to serve as UNT president as we build our strength as a nationally prominent research university.

As one of Texas’ emerging research universities, UNT has a strong foundation with a broad base of research and scholarship across many disciplines. We also have growing strengths in important areas like engineering and the sciences.

We’re classified by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching as a research university with high research activity, or RU/H, which is one level away from top tier. Being at either level is a mark of excellence, but the top tier research universities are considered among the best in quality, output and impact.

My priority in the first months of my tenure has been to focus on creating a strong research master plan that lays out the resources and infrastructure we need to attain our goals.

In order for us to emerge as a nationally prominent research institution, we must advance our research and economic development activity. We must continue to develop our emerging strengths and establish more public and private partnerships, particularly with industry.

By doing this, we will create a more diversified, knowledge-based economy and workforce — which serves our community and builds prosperity for the future.

Most importantly, we will ensure that our students get a first-rate education and good jobs because a great research institution is invariably a great educational institution. Having innovative research programs that are well funded with grants means students are working in labs, interacting with top-notch scholars and accessing cutting-edge information — all of which makes them globally competitive.

Students at UNT benefit from being at an institution with growing research activities because they learn in an environment that is rich in opportunities. This allows them to pursue the best careers and achieve great success.

I look forward to working together to build our university and become the first-choice institution in the region and state.

UNT proud,

V. Lane Rawlins

Neal Smatresk



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