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Working Group 10

XML Schema for Holdings Information Project

Scope of Project

Scope of Project

Project Plan





The scope of this project was described in the New Work Item Proposal (2004-10-17). Specifically, the scope includes:

1.  An abstract holdings schema, based on the Z39.50 holdings schema version 1.4, November 2002, at

2.  A corresponding XML schema, with emphasis on:

  • Functionality

  • Clarity

  • Simplicity. The committee should consider this question: does the existing schema try to do too much, and is it consequently too complex?

  • Compatibility, with:

    • existing version (1.4).

    • other initiatives: e.g. MODS.

    • ISO 10324 Holdings statements -- Summary level; ANSI/NISO Z39.71-1999 Holdings Statements for Bibliographic Items.

    • MARC format.

    • The respective roles of, and relationship between, the abstract and XML schemas.

    • XML style.


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