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1-2 semesters
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Supplement your degree by learning more about digital media.
The Digital Media Studies certificate will add a great line to your transcript and resume, and you'll take classes that will expose you to all different types of digital media.

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Why Earn a Digital Media Studies Certification?

The Digital Media Studies certificate is an interdisciplinary program shared amongst the Technical Communication, Communication Studies and Media Arts departments. In this 15-hour certificate program, students learn to utilize and analyze a variety of digital media tools for the purposes of communication, collaboration and research, and to develop social, political, academic and professional networks.

To earn a certificate, you only need to complete five courses with a grade of B or higher. Talk to your major advisor about adding the certification to your degree audit.

Digital Media Studies Certification Highlights

Learning by Doing is for media arts students to learn about the filmmaking process by creating their own TV pilot.
"Digital Literacies and Social Activism" course (MRTS 4450) had the opportunity to collaborate with the Division of Institutional Equity and Inclusion in ways that were mutually beneficial to the students and the university. In the course, students critically consider how they can use media as a tool to advocate for social change and justice.
The Freedman Town 2.0 app went from a University of North Texas Department of Media Arts class project to an exhibition held in early 2018 at UNT on the Square.
Students and faculty won a total of six awards and six honorable mentions at the BEA's 2016 Festival of Media Art.
Students from ntTV earned four Lone Star Emmy Student Production Awards.
Media Arts Career Kickstarter is held throughout the academic year, giving students the chance to hear from and meet industry leaders.

Digital Media Studies Certification Courses You Could Take

New Media Experience (3 hrs)
Provides an overview of the user experience design and development process: How people in the technology industry work together to ideate, validate, develop, and sell digital media products; what job roles are involved in the process; and what avenues students can choose to pursue those roles.
Digital Media and Society (3 hrs)
Overview of development, organization and operation of different digital media technologies, platforms and industries. Analyzes broader concepts related to identity, community, and privacy.
Social Media Perspectives (3 hrs)
Examination of how emerging communication tools and technologies change the nature of human communication. Provides a socio-historical understanding of the changing nature of media technology and the rise of social media as well as an exploration of driving factors and future trends in social media technology development.
Communications and Virtual Gaming (3 hrs)
Exploration of fundamental concepts related to games and gamers from socio-cultural, psychological and technological viewpoints. Explores the role of gaming technologies in communication, focusing on how they change the nature of communication and their impacts on people’s lives and on society, and develops analytical abilities for examining games and gaming technology.
Communication and New Technology (3 hrs)
Examination of communication in technologically mediated environments. Emphasis on how these environments affect impression formation and management, deception and trust, attraction and relationship formation, group dynamics, social support and networking, community building, etc.

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