Your future in Army ROTC

Many careers in the Army don’t require a specific academic major. Potential career fields include:

  • Aviation
  • Health care
  • Infantry
  • Military intelligence
  • Military police

What we offer

In the Department of Military Science, we provide dynamic and interactive training in leadership development that prepares you for a successful career. Two-, three- and four-year options are available.

You can remain in the program for up to two years with no obligation to serve unless you’re awarded a scholarship or contract with the Army. Other opportunities include:

  • A tax-free $420 monthly allowance during the school year
  • Gaining leadership and management experience
  • Developing individual and collective leadership skills
  • Attending Airborne School, Air Assault School, Northern Warfare School or Mountain Warfare School at an Army base
  • Participating in the Ranger Challenge or Cadet Honor Guard
  • Taking an active role in the development and training of first- and second-year students

What to expect

You’ll broaden your Army and leadership knowledge each semester through the Basic Course, Advanced Course and Leadership Laboratory. All courses apply toward your UNT degree.

The Basic Course focuses on military life as well as the Army’s mission and structure. You’ll also examine military history, leadership development, health and fitness, and national defense. Leadership, ethics, professionalism and officership are the focal points of the Advanced Course. The Leadership Laboratory allows you to participate in leadership discussions and exercises with other ROTC members.

Once you earn your degree and meet other qualifications, you can be commissioned in the Army Reserves, Army National Guard or active-duty Army.


As an incoming freshman, you may receive a fouryear scholarship. Applications are due no later than Jan. 10 of your senior year in high school to apply. Four-year scholarships are based on your:

  • Extracurricular activities
  • Interview with an Army representative
  • High school grades
  • Recommendations from high school teachers
  • SAT or ACT scores

If you decide to participate in ROTC at a later date, you can still apply for the UNT Army ROTC Scholarship, which covers full tuition and fees, as well as books up to $1,200.

Information about other scholarship opportunities and deadlines are at

Qualifying for Army ROTC

You must be a U.S. citizen attending UNT full time, be in good physical condition and have good moral character.